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Your whole description focuses on three wolves. I have plenty of toolbars but can only see one wolf and the nose of another. Nice colors, though.

Oh noes!

I am terribly sorry to hear about your disappointing experience with our product. In order to assist you, please try the following steps to restore full wolf power to your browser, as operating with only one functioning wolf can be dangerous.

First, make sure your computer is powered on, as the three wolf moon profile only functions on powered on devices.

Next navigate to Firefox, and make sure you are using the authentic three wolf moon theme, as there are many cheap imitations which have fewer wolves, or lack an accurate depiction of the moon.

If you are still experiencing issues, try adding more toolbars to your Firefox to extend the height of your menu, thus exposing more wolf power. Many happy customers have reported that using a links bar below the address bar helps unleash more wolf without the annoyances of useless browser bars. You will also find the additional benefit of having your favorite websites listed for easy clicking.

If you are still unable to see more wolves, your computer/resolution may be incompatible with their awesome power. If this is the case, please promptly remove the theme and re-pack it in its original box. We will issue you a RMA number and initiate the refund process.

If the above has helped you, please let us know by updating your rating. Thank you, and may the power of the three wolf moon shirt and unaffiliated web browser theme be with you!