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Call me strange but I never had much desire to recieve constant adoration and adult propositions from beautiful women. Luckily I'm now endowed with, among other things, godly patience, for when I'm not in the mood. I must say though, to me the most gratifying effect is that once I had melded enough with the power of the Three Wolf Moon Shirt with this Firefox theme, I've no longer needed sleep or sustinance, and I no longer need a browser to go online, but can browse the internet telepathically. I can now keep up with all of my friends and favourite sites 24/7 wherever I am, without tire. So far 100% satisfied.

But if I may offer a word of advice: reading many reviews it seems effects often vary wildly depending on the individual and frequency of exposure, with some few claiming to have attained true immortality by way of the Three Wolf Moon Shirt. I would not treat these claims as being a common case. One must always approach the wisdom of the Three Wolf Moon Shirt with great humility and spiritual discernment.

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It´s a nice theme!

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personally love wolves

I AGREE with it being scary, calm and beautiful

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