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Hi Developer,
This extension broke 'document.loadOverlay()'.

Currently I'm developing my own extension and I use 'document.loadOverlay()' to load my XUL in runtime (it is a restartless extension).

The problem I found is that the function loadOverlay() often failed if I passed the second argument (the observer) to it.

And I get an NS_ERR_FAILURE exception.

The exception won't be thrown if:
1) Disable this extension, or
2) Pass null as the second parameter to 'loadOverlay()'.

So I think it should be a bug introduced by Test Pilot. And I hope the author can help to fix it. (I check the reviews and it seems Test Pilot also broke other extensions, maybe caused by 'loadOverlay()'.

Thank you very much!

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (