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Great! This seems to have fixed all issues that I had with the old TabRenamizer, but this add-on doesn't seem to have been updated in quite a while. I'm hoping that it won't encounter any issues for a while as new versions of Firefox come out.

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Very poor design. If you tell it to rename your tabs based on the URL... it only uses a VERY small part of the URL... and just renames all your tabs incorrectly. It's thinks these are all the same:

Totally useless.

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Can you add an ability to rename tab names manually? Auto random rename is great feature, but some users need to rename tab titles manually
Thank you Shafiq

Thanks for your feedback, so nice of you.
Yes you can press F2 to rename the TAB manually, or you can right click on any TAB and rename it.

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Очень полезное расширение, спасибо!

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See updates: I'm not sure what has changed in this add-on vs the old one.

With the old one, my tabs were often reading "connecting..." when I hadn't set them to do that. I've been using version 2 for a couple of days now and it appears taken care of. Keeping fingers crossed, knocking wood.I like this add on for editing tabs to say what I want, not necessarily hiding things. There is not anything like it and I wish I had a similar add on on each browser. I wrote the new developer who is very responsive. We all thank the former developer, but long live the new one!! This is a top add on if working.

Update 1: Correction. The add-on still has the old problem. Tabs say "Connecting..." even when nothing has been set. If this could be fixed, the add on is five stars. It's an incredibly annoying bug that defeats the whole purpose. Chrome has one of these that works. Why can't FF?!

Update 2: This add-on is disabling the ability to MOVE a tab to a new window. Instead, I get a blank when tab "tearing" or using context menu to move it. I could still duplicate the tab to a new window but I don't use this as much. When I disabled the add- on the FF the tabs worked as expected. Look forward to these things being fixed.