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  • very useful

  • I could not survive without the MULTIROW feature. It is the one thing that I use for Tab Mix Plus for. I'm surprised TMP doesn't have it enabled by default. By keeping tabs in their place (instead of scrolling them around), I can use my spatial memory to easily navigate through them. It good when computer software is designed for humans rather than humans having to adapt to computers!

  • Absolut TOP !!
    Nicht nur das sie in deutsch ist, sie auch leicht verständlich und gut aufgebaut. Vermisse dieses Tool da nicht mehr kompatibel für FF58 und höher, schade.
    Gruß Günter

  • before you start complaining this extension is not compatible with FF 57+ learn first how Mozilla crippled API and made such extensions not possible.
    Thanks Mozilla foundation, you killed your user base!

  • Ценное приложение к Firefox, вместе с Unmht, Webpage Editable Switch ( удаляло любой контент), NoScript, Super Start, Tab Groups, EscCloseTab, Print Friendly & PDF, YouTube Video and Audio Downloader.

  • Awesome extension with really useful features.

  • Hope they update tab mix plus for the new version of the Firefox! It's an awesome add-on to work with :D

  • kk

  • I love this (and other "indispensable" add-ons) and is one of the reasons I still haven't upgraded to v.57.

    Is $3,000 worth your time and effort to upgrade this extension to work with v.57?

    No, I'm not going to pay you that, but along with the almost 3,000 reviewers here, plus I'm sure many others, who claim to love your work so much, I'd be willing to pay a one-time US$1.00 cost for the extension. (And NOT A VOLUNTARY DONATION either because we all know people on the Internet always want people's IP for nothing!)

  • Love this extension and will continue to keep my Firefox updater turned off and stay on the last version it's compatible with because I NEED this extension more than just about any other plugin for Firefox! So until this is updated to work with the newly re-coded Firefox I will refuse to upgrade. I really hope that you do this upgrade or hand the code over to someone that will. Thanks!

  • This is really bad news and most likely be the end of Tab Mix Plus. I'm guessing there's no way to get it FULLY working in Firefox v57 and up. Is it possible to port it to other Mozilla browsers like SeaMonkey, Pale Moon, or Swiftfox?

    For now, long live FF56.

  • I am currently using only 8 addons, all of which are important. I cannot upgrade to version 57 or higher because maintaining about 150 open tabs is critical to my livelihood. That is to say TabMixPlus is critical to my livelihood. I don't know if they will be able to maintain this feature or if Firefox is going to keep it impossible, but I'll make my first contribution as soon as I click submit this review. It seems no browser fully appreciates how important this feature is to at least some of us. ------------------------ Sorry, name for contribution is different from name for developer. Can you supply a mailing address? I will not open a PayPal account to donate money. I used to just be able to pay through PayPal via credit card without opening an account.

  • This extension is what makes Firefox a browser that I LOVE. Without it, it's starting to feel like one of those small pains in the ass that never goes away.
    I've long since donated for this fantastic extension, and will be happy to do so again once we have an updated release. A big thank you to anyone working on this :)

  • 1111111111111111

  • Great plugIns like Tab Mix Plus have been the main reason to use Firefox. Thanks to the "devs", this is the end of FF. †


  • This is the _MAIN_ reason I still use Firefox!
    Of course I haven't switched to FF57 or later since 56 is OK, and yet it is compatible with TMP.

  • I downgraded to version 56 just to get this extension back. What a relief! The performance gain in the new version (quantum) is much less interesting than losing this wonderful extension. As long as it's not available on Quantum, I'll stay on FF 56 even without any doubt.

  • One of the best addons for Firefox.
    Please update for Firefox 58.
    Sent a small donation, and ask anybody reading this feedback do the same.

  • I WANT THIS EXTENSION TO BE BACK ON FIREFOX! You have made a terrible mistake putting all the good add-ons aside! YOU SUCK.

  • The best, full of configurable options. I really miss it

  • Excerlente!

  • best tab handler ever. It enhances the tab feature of Firefox with a closed tab list, mouse-over close tab buttons and many other useful tweaks. I'm not updating to newer release of FF until this extension is rewritten as a web ext, it's too useful.

  • Irreplaceable, please restore it

  • Super! When new version?