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  • waterfox is better than Firefox :( ____________________________ Date: 2018.09.14
    In Waterfox (only 64 bit) runs much more Extensions ... Super Start too :))
  • Это лучшая экспресс панель. Сделайте поддержку новым браузером. Если бы знал что в обновленной мазиле это расширение не работает, ни за что не обновлялся бы...
  • And if you update please add password encryption feature.
  • I really rely on it but stillusing Firefox 56 because it won't work on modern FF. I heavily rely on this so please please update it. I tried something similar and it also broke on FireFox Quantum. Please please please update it!
  • Автор забросил поддержку Firefox.
  • I love this and it's super easy to use and the customization is also cool. However, could you make it compatible with Firefox Quantom? I'd love to use Super Start on this new version of Mozilla Firefox.
  • I love, love Super Start, but it isn't compatible with firefox any more. I have tried to find something similar to SuperStart with zero luck. Can't you make it so it works on Firefox?? I'd even go back to the older Firefox, but I'm afraid it would mess something else up and I don't know how to do that.
    Rosemary Bales
  • "some days to study", no more waiting
  • Perfektní doplněk. Přehledný panel s oblíbenými záložkami stránek pěkně pohromadě na jedné stránce. Vše v pěkné grafické upravě a s mnoha možnostmi nastavení. Používám jej již mnoho let. Lepší jsem nikde nenašel. Jen aktualizace trochu váznou. Děkuji autorovi.
  • por favor actualizen el complemento. gracias
  • Great addon, but without categories to organize sites, is not possible to use it with big number of bookmarks.
  • 期待支持57+的版本!!!
  • Almost 4 month passed and no word about progress, tell us at least that you lost interest so we won't wait pointlessly.
  • не поддерживается новой обновой фаерфокс.

    лет 6-7 наверное пользуюсь и вот те на !

    After updating the firefox, the application stopped working.
  • 还是继续等你的更新。
  • Расширение очень удобное, привык к нему за несколько лет и не хочу искать замену, т.к. все закладки(а их тьма) потеряю. Очень хочется услышать ответ от cyberscorpio, доработает ли он дополнение для совместимости с Firefox Quantum или нам всем искать альтернативу?
  • Can you please give us an update about the progress in upgrading this extension?
  • There doesn't seem to come an upgrade for Superstart, I regret. I switched to GroupSpeedDial that comes very close to it
  • This add-on is the best so far and I would really love to see it updated soon.
  • Please, try to release a new version for firefox quantum as soon as possible. I don't want to move to other addons :( SuperStart really makes life easier :)
  • PLEASE, we need a data for the Quantum upgrade, thank you.
  • Лёгкое в настройке, замечательное дополнение. Вот только плохо, не выходят обновления.
  • I hope Cyberscorpio will update Super Start soon! Please do! However:

    Firefox 56 is the last release to support legacy APIs for add-ons. You can go back to that version. I’d suggest looking into Firefox ESR if your add-ons are absolutely critical to your work. Using ESR will allow you to receive security updates while still keeping your legacy add-ons for the first few releases of Firefox Quantum. You won’t get new features (ESR is based on an older version of Firefox), but by the time ESR upgrades to Quantum, you should be able to go back to the regular channel with an expanded set of WebExtension APIs.

    All older Firefox versions can be found here: https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/ The ESR (Extended Support Release) here: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/

    However, my choice at the moment: As an alternative you can consider to switch (temporarly) to Pale Moon. They support the latest version of Super Start. Super Start version appears perfectly compatible with Pale Moon. To install Super Start, download the Super Start install file from AMO (super_start-7.4.0-fx-windows.xpi). Within this xpi archive, then change the min-version, in install.rdf, from 41.0 to 24.0. Rezip the xpi file, if necessary, then install in Pale Moon. AMO = https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/super-start/

    (If the download option is not available in FF or Pale Moon, download it with your Internet Explorer. Just a workaround)...

    UPDATE 17-03-2018:

    Start using "Hover My StartPage" which can be found at
    This little gem has the same lay-out as Super Start. It lacks functionality, but you can even use it in other browsers. For the thumbnails I use Greenshot... give it a try!
  • Да забил автор уже на свой плагин, ему даже и ответить нечего.
  • perfect - nice and tidy.
    Nowadays work only with firefox v.56.
    Don Use Quantum Technology ;)