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I really liked (no, loved) this Add-On...until totay...When I now open Super Start, all I get is a BLANK PAGE. ALL Bookmarks gone.I totally skipped the normal Bookmarks, so every new entry I made in Super Start is GONE...Anyone has an Idea, what happend and how I can get my Bookmarks back???

Well, at least I found out, how to retrieve my lost Bookmarks. They are saved in a file called "sites.v1.json".
Super Start ist still broken. Even after a new Installation, I just get a blank page...

I just opened chrome://superstart/content/index.html as described below and everything is back to normal! No further steps needed.
Thanks cyberscorpio! Awesome and quick support!

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (6.1.1-signed). 

Please check:
1. Open url: chrome://superstart/content/index.html manually, can you get your super-start back?
2. Restart your browser, then press 'shift + control + J' to open the error console, is there any error message related to super-start?
3. If you disable all other extensions, will super-start work?

And you can contact me via cyberscorpio .at. gmail.com