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I have no evidence that the add-on itself is malicious, but using free proxies is always dangerous. So I would only use this add-on to view websites as a guest or when you're already logged into a website. Never enter passwords or personal information into text fields while Stealthy is enabled.

In agreement with JS-M below, I am also concerned about the other reviews which have been deleted. If people have fears about security, then these should be addressed in public by the developer, not simply deleted, which looks very suspicious.

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I have no control of the reviews, only mozilla can deleted them. The reviews are attached to a version, so right now you are only seeing comments about the last (1.1.1) version.
Now to your point, I am inclined to agree, stealthy uses public available proxies, we crawl the web for them, test them and provide the faster ones, of course we don't control them, but no decent website will send your password thru the network without encryption (SSL).

Only minor issues Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček

Overall, I've found Stealthy to be quite good.
It's perfect if you're looking to watch videos that can not be viewed in the country you're in.
It's extremely easy to set up, discreet, there's very little to manually configure, yet I have found it to have a few slight issues.For one, it's slowed down my internet connexion quite a bit on a few occasions, however it's hardly noticeable when watching videos, which is the reason I downloaded it in the first place.Sometimes, for some reason, it stops working. Firefox won't connect to the internet, or Stealthy shows a message saying I should try again later. This happens about one in fifteen times.So nothing unsurmountable there, just perhaps slightly annoying. I would say that on most occasions it gets the job done, and if you're looking for an add-on that requires very little attention yet does all the work of setting up a proxy in your place, you most definitely should give Stealthy a try.

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The extension works for me. Sometimes I have to shut down the browser and restart to get it working right. I'm on a new iMac. Note that installing it on Mac Firefox is a bit different. To install go to View menu, open Custom. To set preferences go to Tools on the menu, choose Add-ons.

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