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Does not work properly

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Works erratically. Needs work.

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Very problematic extension. Takes several switching on and offs to actually make it work as it displays errors when the page unsuccesfully loads. I connect from Turkey, maybe the addon has trouble directing users around my area to convenient proxies. These are the errors displayed.

Network Access Message: The page cannot be displayed

The connection was reset.

Error 404 - Not found

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was recommended by the computer magazine Computerbild but cannot see that it works with latest Firefox version :-( . Good Add-on idea but update neccessary?

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By the description, it would have been exactly what I was looking for - a way to pretend I was in the continental US instead of the US Virgin Islands - if only it had actually worked. Removing.

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Do Not Upgrade to 2.5! it no longer works on BBC iplayer, other bbc sites, and many other popular sites! Older versions (2.3.3 downwards) worked just fine with abovementioned sites. Now stealthy informs users to upgrade to the paid pro version in order to access above sites--undoubtedly in an attempt to squeeze money out of users, (just downgrade to earlier versions instead)

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Doesn't seem to work anymore. No matter what I do, pages timeout.

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Не пойму, что за логин с паролем требует?

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Worked fine until some update. Using it for grooveshark. Not reliable - mostly not working...

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Я web-администратор, у меня нет прав сис админа, мы сидим через прокси сервер. Поставил вашу программу - включил её. И все, мой FTP клиент перестал работать даже после удаления и деактивации этой программы. Переустановка FileZilla не помогла! Какого чёрта она сделала с моим компом? Куда лесть что бы исправлять?
I am a web-admin, I do not have the rights of a system administrator, we sit through a proxy server. Put your program - turned it on. And all my FTP client stopped working even after deleting and deactivating the program. Reinstalling FileZilla has not helped! What the hell has she done to my computer? Where flattery that would be correct?

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Вроде работает.

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Perfectly fine for me. I just wanted a simple, no-hassle addon that does all the proxy stuff for me, and this is it. Sometimes you have to click on the button a few times to find a working server but for the convenience and for free I think it is perfectly fine. Obviously if you have more specific requirements then you have to do all this proxy stuff yourself - this is for people who just want to access stuff unavailable in your country!

Tento uživatel má jednu dřívější recenzi tohoto doplňku.

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I instlled deintsalled and reinstalled and there is still no icon anywhere for the Add on. it's just not possible to use it.

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While the add-on allowed me to view the video that was blocked from my location (the U.S.), it does not hide your true IP address. It submits the IP address in the environment variables along with browser plugins, fonts, and other information according to www.stayinvisible.com and www.proxyway.com.

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Japan (JP) isn't offered in the country list. The about section should state which countries are or are not supported.

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Recently the free version has stopped working with the UK - it is no longer offered as an option in the Country list. Why?

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I would give it 3 and 1/2 stars I've been using this for six months now and it has mostly worked fine with only a few hiccups, nothing that couldn't be fixed, but recently when I try to use this with Google search, they recognize that I'm using a proxy and prevent me from surfing, still works on Bing search though. Also when I do a what is my ip it identifies the proxy. This is a recent development so I'm not sure why this is happening, hopefully its only temporary. Otherwise this has worked fine for me.

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Does exactly what I need it to (allow the watching of youtube videos blocked in the U.S. due to copyright). I tried numerous other proxy add-ons that didn't accomplish my goal. Easy, simple and effective.

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Stealthy is on but when
checking my ip adress on Whois, it still says i using my own ip adress. Is it really working?