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Few days back, I got excited when i have discovered this addon and i installed it.
BUT Today i got very Disappointed.
I have discovered that this was the addon causing me problems with the "filestube.com" Website.

So, just now, I checked the Skip Screen "Options" and i said. Oh my! I found you, You SNEAKY thing.
I was trying for 3 days to find a solution. What was going on..
This addon, instead of Skipping Advertisments, or i don't know what, it does the Opposite. It Skips and Redirects you AWAY from the necessary Downloading Link page, where the Links really are. It was redirected me to this site (crocko.com) which has nothing to do with Filestube.
Please fix this or i will uninstall it from my Firefox. Thank you.

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (