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Hello, my name is Kevin, (imkira3) and I am a bit of a perfectionist. I don't like having any addons on my browser that are buggy, however I like alot of addons. Your add-on "Site Favicons in Url Bar" is a fantastic addon, really really useful, and my browser simply cannot do without it. I noticed two bugs in your most recent 8.1 version, and have fixed them myself for my personal use. In case you wish to include these bug fixes in your next update for everyone else who uses this addon, I thought I would post here about it. In defaults.css in the styles folder, I removed this line: " background-color: #fff !important;" as it caused an issue in the addon bar when using a different skin, but only on addons.mozilla.org for some really odd reason. In startup.css in the styles folder I altered line " margin: 0 -10px 0 0 !important;" to " margin: 0 -10px 0 4px !important;" so that the addon icon that pops up after installing a new addon is properly spaced. Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope you find the time to include this in your next realease for other users :) great addon btw, major props.