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  • The best alternative add-ons to Firefox's & Chrome's Download Manager.
  • I like all the features, BUT there's only one caveat -- you can't just automatically download the largest files.

    It seems to have the automatic option of stopping the download of a smaller sized (but identically named) file -- except firefox still catches it and creates a duplicate.

    Clicking on the largest of duplicate photos is starting to become extremely inconvenient.
  • Just awesome!!!))
  • Einfaches UI, funktionierte einwandfrei.
  • Didn't work at all. Panel was blank.
  • When it works its great but it gets confused and goes haywire failing multiple downloads if say the network connection drops out. It does not handle timeouts at all well either. For a batch downloader not to be able to manage the batch in a reasonable way is very poor especially as it registers the downloads as complete when in fact they have failed (but it still carries on failing more and more downloads and registering them as a success if you don't pause it)

    Its takes longer sometimes to sort out what has and hasn't downloaded than it would take to do the downloads manually. Today I've done the same batch download 3 times now and its failed each time. Not happy

    Beyond that its still in beta so the user interface is poor and unhelpful and the support documentation is not very good.

    Pity because it started so well but its not working right now. Has the coder changed something?

    PS I've just started it again and its bombed out again. I'm deleting it
  • Estensione molto utile soprattutto se devi scaricare tanti dei file presenti su un qualsiasi sito
  • Simple and brilliant, like i would have written it myself.
  • Doesn't send session cookies along with download requests..
  • Allows you to select which files you want. Does its job well.
  • Works great!!!
  • Easily usable simple downloader but I'm looking for something more sophisticated that can follow a link and download resources.