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  • This is the absolute best plugin for Firefox I've had the pleasure of using. You could say it's DownThemAll's successor in spirit, as DTA no longer works with Firefox's latest updates; however I think that comparing George's great work to DTA is an offense to how beautiful this plugin is.

    Usable, functional, and gets the job *done*. 6/5 stars.
  • I think this is one of the best add-ons for Firefox.
  • ممتاز وفيه مميزات رائعة ولكن يفتقد السرعة
  • Excellent! Very nice user interface. Intuitive and functional. Good documentation. Looks set to become one of the best and most used add-ons. Thank you George Prec. A feature request - Please add feature to flag files previously downloaded, or rebuild downloaded files list from disk, if download list was cleared, to avoid repeated downloads. And when 'open download folder' is clicked, then open the folder where last download was saved.
  • works very nice
  • Лучшее расширения из мной опробованных. Единственный косяк, так это то, что пока что не меняется директория, куда скачиваются данные со ссылок. Но.. это уже не критично. Остальное всё удобно.
  • It's very useful. It's great.
  • Broken on pixiv.net, downloaded many 403 error pages instead of images, I know the reason is Webextension API do not have referrer support.

  • Simple and Great, but not enough.
    The Image does not load correctly, so sometimes it doesn't show up, just showing 1x1 images. Maybe this is unavoidable technical difficulties.
    And If I could use regular expressions on text filter, it will be enough for me.
  • Very nice, functional and clean. I like how it shows all my old downloads. So it's a real replacement for the native downloader instead of an additional one.
  • Thank you very much! I search hours for download helper / download manager with multi rename feature. Finally i found it in this extension.
  • Awesome! Works as expected! \\:D