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Proč byl Session History Tree vytvořen?

This concept is something I thought about for many years. There's a history feature that lets you see every page visited in the past N days, but without any real structure (there are dates, but no way to tell which pages were visited from which other pages); and there's a session history that lets you see and revisit pages visited in the current session, but any forward pages are lost when you go somewhere else. Why not have a navigable tree?

It wasn't until early 2011, with some add-on development experience on my part, not to mention the release of Firefox 4 which has all the necessary features, that I was able to realize the concept.

Co je dalšího u Session History Tree plánováno

Currently, I'm working on a better interface than the forward/back context menu, which I've always realized is confusing, and which is also completely keyboard-inaccessible. The new interface should be in a sidebar and respond to arrow keys among other things, and it should be easier to comprehend. A beta is now available on the development channel at

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