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thank you...I used this all the time before it was removed

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Why the fu*k does mozilla tinker things that was fine in the last 15 versions?When 'send link' went awol, I thought it was a problem with my machine. If ff didn't have best add-ons in the browser market, I'd left for chrome long time ago.

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Another extension needed to restore an useful feature removed from Firefox for the sake of so called "minimalism" .

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NOT smart move taking this feature from Firefox!
Thanks JasnaPaka for giving this back!
Only problem, I have 8 profiles and I'll have to add it eight times, but at least I have it back. Thanks Firefox developers for the trouble. :(

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This extension works as described - I've already tested it. It's a shame to have to install an addon to replace what's always been available to us in the past, but I'm VERY grateful to the addon author - THANKS!

According to Mozilla forums, some "heat map" told them mailing links from the context menu wasn't being used often enough to justify keeping it there. I use it frequently to send my husband amusing/interesting links via email, as he doesn't do social sites and still uses a dumbphone. I wonder how long it'll be before we see something else put into the context menu - perhaps a "Partnered Link"?

Danke! (Ist sogar auf Deutsch!) Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Vielen Dank für das einfache Plugin, dass die Kurzsichtigkeit einiger Firefox-Entwickler prima ausgleicht. Hätte nicht erwartet, dass es sogar auf Deutsch daher kommt!

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Brilliant. A major usability regression reversed. :)

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Exactly what was needed. This context-sensitive item should never have been removed. Send Link in Context Menu just puts it back -- and retains the "Context Sensitive" part as well.

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Thks a lot for this extension ! Feature missing since FF 16.0

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Thank you very much. It was extremely annoying that it had been removed.

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howdy y'all,

this is a nice extension that restores yet another yanked-by-the-devs feature. i have two minor nits that i have mentioned to the author.
- the context menu shows "email link" when the extension is named "send link in context menu".
- it only sends the link in the body and does not put the link text in the subject line

still, a very nice thing to have back! [*grin*]

take care,