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Proč byl Screenshoter (Fixed) vytvořen?

Firefox internal changes (i.e. v18, v26) from time to time left some useful addons broken.
Some authors have disappeared so i had to fix those addons myself or move to others (not always possible).

Screenshoter was quite basic but lightweight addon with no needless "weight" - so after checking alternatives and not finding one that would do only what i required (at least at that time) if made fixed version for myself, but was still hoping that original author is going to return to it and continue to develop it..

Finally when was clear that original author is not going to return to it + seeing many users still waiting as well - i decided to provide fixed version for FF18+ myself.
Then some users contacted me with new feature requests and this is the result...

Co je dalšího u Screenshoter (Fixed) plánováno

While currently i have fixed most urgent problems (FF18+ API, screen region selection, toolbar button implementation), there are still few new requests made by users in line (for example: File naming template, changable hotkeys, etc).
Will work on this as time allows..

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