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  • Ultimate screenshot add-on. Everything is possible. But do we still need it, now firefox has its own tool..?
  • Absolutely useless, retarded garbage = scrolls down 2 capture multiple 'pieces' of page instead of 1 long image, & the addon is over 6 megabytes. Going back to my stash of 'forbidden addons' Mozilla so retardedly deleted from their site, so I can use something that actually WORKS! =)

    Note: Went 2 my old stash of addons I saved & 'Abduction!' works much better than N E of the 'latest greatest' stuff on the Firefox site. Of coruse, in their 'infinite wisdom' they delete the stuff that actually works, I guess because their goal is 2 keep BREAKING the browser so they can sell 'Cu$tomer $upport' contracts or something = lame. Reminds me how 'Mouse Gestures Redox' is by far the best gesture addon, & like the rest if U tweak Firefox to IGNORE the 'compatability' lockouts it installs & works just fine = WAY better than the others! =)
  • Works as described, excellent and varied capture options & output features. Thank you.
  • Unfortunately this cuts off the bottom part of the screenshot on every screen. Some lines of an article are missing when comparing the screenshot to the actual page.
  • Tiene lo basico para editar y enviar imágenes sin utilizar otro programa.
  • 功能强大,符合需求,完美
  • Excellent ! Je regrette juste de ne pas pouvoir exporter les captures de textes en pdf.
  • вроде робит
  • Useless with Firefox. Tried the "capture selected area" many times, but the program does not respect the frame I have set. Only captures part of it.
  • EXCELLENT ADD-ON - fait un très bon travail et est facile d'utilisation! Bravo Diig.inc!
  • Perfect! The best program I've ever used. Very versatile, it offers many application options and has many features, such as annotations, drawings, texts. You can choose the area you want, scratch any part you want to keep hidden.
  • Very easy to use, and highlight interest areas, Great.
  • Excellent, reliable whatever web browser you use. It lacks keyboard shortcuts to access edition tools
  • Very good add-on.
  • Awesome Screenshot Plus is essential for anyone serious about screen captures and/or selected portions. The many features to edit and the fact that there has been no issues has proven this add-on worthy of downloading. I highly recommend it!
  • Easy to use. I like the storage feature.