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  • Scrapbook is a great study and km aid. I've been using it for many years now. Although it lacks native support for cloud storage, there's still no better aid imho. Or it must be spin-offs like Scrapbook Plus and Scrapbook X :)
  • thanks
  • 5 stars for scrapbook windows but 0 stars for android
  • reason to stay with FF.
    nuff said.
  • in scrapbook there is a lack of option to tell me that i have a recently saved page with the same name or link and asks me if i want to overwrite or save the new one with different name.
    moreover, there would be a very useful feature to find duplicate records which is unfortunately not available right now.
  • Doesn´t work with all linked images in linked css files
  • 簡単で使いやすいです。
  • Thanks to dear Gomita for the very useful add-on.

    But in this add-on, there is a lack of option to tell me that i have a recently saved page with the same name and asks me if i want to overwrite or save the new one with different name.

    moreover, there would be a very useful feature to find duplicate records which is unfortunately not available right now.
  • Awesome addon. Helps me keep some pages for offline view. Thank you!
  • very good add-on i use it with dropbox i removed the folder name scrapbook in my firefox profile and make a link with the same name to my dropbox folder this way i can sync my saved files throw all my computers.
  • When completing a capture, a small popup appears the lower-right of the screen. Is there a way to modify the time of appearance of this popup? Thanks.
  • But I wanted to download all my bookmarked pages so as to have them offline and be able to access them via an index in Scrapbook, but it would hang often on links which i had to skip, thus requiring much attention, and when it was done it hung for hours "rebuilding links." and never shows any menu for the downloaded files.

    I was just asking too much of this useful ad on.
  • This Add-On is exactly what should replace Bookmarks. Being able to save marked up/edited/highlighted copies of pages is lovely. I also love the ability to combine multiple saved pages into one page. And being able to easily export/import to Firefox on other computers is like icing on the cake.
    Thank you for this!
  • Works great, for years now!
  • @senecakw:

    Scrapbook is still working for me in Firefox 42 (on a Mac). I don't have it installed in my VMs so I don't know about Windows or Linux compatibility.

    I suppose if you were desperate, you might be able to transfer your Scrapbook data folder to a Mac and run FF+Scrapbook from there. Also it's much easier to print almost anything to a PDF on a Mac (that's built-in to the printing routines), so you might save your data that way.

    I haven't installed FF43 which came out recently -- has anybody tried to run Scrapbook there?
  • I'm giving it three stars because it's a good program when it works (5 stars) but it doesn't work for me (1 star). I get the message: "Failed to add resource to datasource. TypeError: cont is null"

    I went through the troubleshooting guide but couldn't solve it. From the feedback from other reviewers, it sounds like it's a waste of time contacting the developer. If anyone here has any ideas, I'd appreciate it.

    All I want to do is get my old captures converted to a usable format. I used Scrapbook a lot a up to two years ago. When it stopped working with the latest Firefox, I realized this was an addon I couldn't trust with my research.

    Has anyone figured out how to convert the Scrapbook data files to MHT or PDF, or anything I can read with a regular program? Right now, I've lost a lot of work and am trying to figure out how to get it back.

    Update: After several hours of frustration, I finally got it working and got it to recognize my old database. It's not enough to just move the old database folders. You have to replace the new "scrapbook.rdf" file with the one from your old database.

    Next step is to convert all my scrapbook saves to a format I can trust. Will never lock up info in a proprietary format like this again. It already stopped working in a previous Firefox update. What are people going to do when it stops working again and the developer isn't around to update it?

  • Good idea, but don't work on seamonkey 2.32.1! Is it real to fix it?
  • This one is my favorite addon for many years. Instead of keep a lot of open tabs I just send them to scrapbook.
  • It is an add-on that I was looking for but is there a way you can add a resume fetcher so I can resume the download after restarting the application.
  • Seems to have nice features but I couldn't find a way to make it pick up my already saved bookmarks to start managing them with this addon. I don't think you have to make new bookmarks with this tool from scratch, do you?
  • have been using this addon for over about 4 years now. It has improved a lot. Please add a timestamp feature. just as when any document is printed, it automatically includes timestamp, it would be gr8 for the captured pages to bear the date and time of capture.
  • when the scrapbook becomes too large, and you try to delete some of the pages, the page does not disappear from the entries but is no more available... is there a way to rebuild index ? otherwise excellent addon, thanks
  • I want to echo the feature request by milt983(add the ability to search--or better still--filter, by folder name). This is one useful feature that's currently missing from ScrapBook. Over time, a user will have many folders created. When the number gets big enough (say in the hundreds), it will be difficult to locate an existing folder to file new items under. Manually reorganizing folders is tedious, and sometimes one'd even forget the name a folder was given when created. The ability create a filtered view by folder name would be extremely helpful.
  • I use Scrapbook (the very original by Gomita) almost from its start. I think it is the best addon for this purpose. I could like to suggest / request a function: please, add the posibility to search not only bookmarks and notes but also the name of folders, inside general scrapbook folder. Thank you and good work!
    Perfect and simple. 10/10!!