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  • My friend, but when you save, you can choose not only save in .html, but in .maff, your addition has become even more popular, because in .maff, I can unpack it 7 zip and see its content, pictures, and .html, not unpacked
  • Complete Garbage. For years I used save as mhtml and UNMHT for saving YouTube and it was awesome. Mozilla removed them both when they upgraded and this is nowhere the same. Don't waste your time. Use Google Chrome. They do listen more to what users want. Mozilla is like Microsoft. When something already works great, they change it so it sucks.
  • It is a LIE that the addonconverts mht files to html, better to use addon "SINGLEFILE" using the "save all tabs" option of the open pages previously converted to html with firefox 56 with the "Mozilla archive format" addon.

    I have a lot of TROUBLES with "Save Page WE" I do not recommend it
  • A question: so, it is impossible to recreate MAFF. But, can you extract original url from it and display it in the clickable bar?
  • Works great.
    Thanks a lot :)
  • Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to choose not to save excess resources: images, stylesheets and fonts. Respective checkboxes are greyed out.
  • This extension does not make Firefox into a MHT reader, unfortunately. MHT files still can't be displayed.

    We need such a plugin (on Windows) - I have zillions of old MHT files that I won't bother converting, especially since the format isn't dead in Chrome or Android. I keep an old version of Waterfox around just to read MHT (and remember my favorite FF plugins). With SingleFile and Save Page WE around nobody needs to WRITE mht anymore, but it's just lame Firefox is missing the capacity to read them.
  • It won't save images, base64 is empty. This page: https://www.cree.com/led-components/products
    has thumbnails as .png files which are not saved.

    There is also CSP and COR blocked errors in console.
  • Exactly what I needed! Thank you!
  • Одно из самых полезных дополнени1 Mozilla. Я только ради этого дополнения удалил х64 bit Mozilla версию, и поставил х32 Mozilla
    One of the most useful add-ons is Mozilla. I just deleted this x64 bit Mozilla version for the sake of this add-on, and put x32 Mozilla
  • Fantastic addon. Saves current state of the page to a single file, with a high level of compatibility. I've used others that actually save slightly smaller files, but none handle difficult pages as well as Save Page WE does. Very clean and the keyboard shortcut makes it highly unobtrusive (especially once the warning regarding un-saveable elements is disabled). Thanks for your hard work on this addon!
  • worked better on sites that continue to load more content. ended up with just the page I wanted without adverts. Great job!
  • This extension worked perfectly until the Firefox update of 4th of May 2019. It's a good thing this extension still works fine on Chrome, just a quick extension install and I'm back in business.
    I am trying to stay with Firefox, but given how hard it is trying to push me away, I am not sure for how long.

    Dudes, be aware that giving low ratings here you're punishing this extension's developer, not Firefox's.
  • This is a GREAT ADDON until today 4 May 2019.. when i updated to Firefox 66.0.3 ALL MY ADDONS ARE NOW DISABLE. Stupid FIREFOX UPDATES are now FORCING ALL MY ADDONS TO DISABLE.
  • The best addon for this purpose that I found and it was working properly until I upgraded to Firefox 66.0.3 - now it's disabled. Seems the fault is with FF and not extension