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The only simple problems I have with Reload Plus is the green number timer; can't turn it off, my refresh button no longer works and set/clear retry doesn't remember my input number when I restart firefox.

Every Firefox; MTurker worker needs this addon

Great Add-on... but Pale Moon users Beware Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček

I can't tell you have long I've been using Reload Plus, seems like forever.
Unfortunately the recent 5.0.0 update breaks compatibility with Pale Moon browser. I don't expect every FF spin-off to be tested by add-on writers, but if you use Pale Moon, stick with v4.4.0 and hope things get sorted out.

Edit: Also, the Google Cache rarely ever seems to work for me, although going through and using the 'Cached' option often works. I don't know why there is a difference.
Be nice if that could be improved or used instead.

@bwProductions: The 4 stars isn't because of the update issue, this just doesn't feel like a 5 star add-on. It's very good though.

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Regrettably, Pale Moon doesn't include the latest version of the Mozilla Add-on SDK, and AMO won't let you submit a new build at all unless it's based on that latest SDK version. I'll certainly bump the minimum requirement for v5 up to 26 so Pale Moon users don't get it, but beyond that, there's nothing I can do at this time. Hope you'll understand and consider raising your rating to five stars!

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I am glad to see that private windows are now supported.

Please make a small change: allow using instead of for in the preferences (not just via about:config)

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supercharge the reload button!. what's more to say?, it's awesome!

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Please update to support 37!

Update: sorry just wanted to bring your attention. I just replied in Bugzilla to support your statement.

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Impossible. See the note at the top of the add-on's description here at AMO, and if you don't like it, let Mozilla know. Leaving a low rating here for something that's not my fault and totally out of my hands is the least likely way to produce the result you want.

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please add what Clemens Ratte-Polle suggested

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Fantastic! Thank you.

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Very useful add-on. Thanks.

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what about a "Deload"-Function :)
Unoad to blank page without deleting URL.
Frees Memory, enhances performance?

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It's good. You should make the tooltip a panel and more Australis'y though.

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Looks good, but if it replaced a couple of the other "dead" reload utilities, such as "reload progressively" and "load progressively" as well, it would be much more worth using for me :)

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cool beans
lol 2nd prev. reviewer: JES
nos odium

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Nice, I tried it in IceDragon a while ago and the context menu kept disappearing but it seems fine in FF.

@JES, MMouse=Middle button (i.e click the scroll wheel) and I think this add on only has auto-reload for failed pages as far as I can see.

If you want to set any page to refresh/reload automatically at whatever time interval you say, TabMixPlus does that very nicely along with a whole load of other useful stuff.

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Works Just Like It Says Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

It works just as it says and just as I expected. Can't ask for more than that here. Just started using it, but already, it's proving its worth. Thanks, bwProductions!

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Very good and comprehensive! Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

very good! Thanks for your work.A suggestion: For reload missing images, please conisder to add a function to 'keep' reloading missing images until all missing images are reloaded. Thanks so much!

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Works well but menu overlays regular context menu Ohodnoceno 3 z 5 hvězdiček

Good features here, especially the anti-cache reload options. But on FF Linux mint the right-click context menu overlays the toolbar context menu on click.

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I'll try to look into this as time permits.

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Very comprehensive addon already, but I couldn't find how to automatically start refreshing specific url's. I run firefox somewhere which is daily restarted (to avoid a crashed browser or infinite loading) with one page that refreshes itself. I wanted to use this as a backup refresher but the auto refresh is gone after the restart.

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Surely "Plus", but... Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček

No doubt, this is a powerful extension, very handy for active and power
So, first of all, i have to say a Thank you to developer/s for their efforts.

However, there are some problems (in my environment at least..) which i
will try to describe here:

When i installed it on my main profile, all went good.
However, my second experience with this extension after Firefox restart,
was disappointing.. :-(
Simply, it did not works any more.
Its tooltip shows up, but right-clicking the reload button, brings up
Firefox's default context menou.
Sometimes also, does not even works the reload button in its default
function or the shift+click on the button combination.
To force the extension to work, every time i start Firefox, i have to open
the extension manager and disable/reenable the extension.
As i realized later on, the moment i right-click on the button, an error
message is logged in error console:

Error: TypeError: menu.openPopup is not a function
Source file: resource://gre/modules/XPIProvider.jsm -> jar:file:///C:
/jid0-9XfBwUWnvPx4wWsfBWMCm4Jj69E@jetpack.xpi!/bootstrap.js ->
resource://gre/modules/commonjs/toolkit/loader.js ->
Line: 315

Initially my mind was playing scenarios about conflicts/incompatibilities
between extensions, but this is not the case, as i concluded later on.
Although my main profile is quite heavy loaded with a lot of extensions and
a large sessionstore.js file, causing a somewhat late Firefox startup, this
is not the reason for Reload Plus to not works.
Examining extensively the case, after many tests and experiments in
various conditions, environments, machines and profiles, i achieved to
found out what is going on "under the hood":
I make use of "Yahoo mail notifier", configured it to check for mails on
Firefox startup.
Having a master password, causes a prompt popup to enter it during
Firefox startup.
I use also an extension which shows my external IP address, configured it
to alert me on IP changes. This also causes an alert popup during Firefox
startup, if have been passed several hours since the last Firefox usage.
These type of popups/alerts during Firefox startup, cause a break of code
loading/initialization, until the user interaction with them.
So, in few words, if i disable all such type of popups/alerts during Firefox
startup, Reload Plus gets loaded and works fine, no mater how heavy
loaded is the profile.
Of course this is not the solution, it's a temporary workaround, because all
other extensions i use are not affected of popups/alerts during Firefox
So, in my opinion, Reload Plus's code initialization should be follow a
different way.

Other issues:

- No localization support!!
I attempted to localize it in my native language, but when i open the xpi i
saw that there is no localization infrastructure implemented.

- There is a confusion about "Auto-Retry Delay" in extension's options and
"Set/Clear Retry Interval" in button's context menu:
Setting the one, the value does not applied also on the other, which keeps
its own value.
The "Auto-Retry Delay" seems to not works at all.
The "Set/Clear Retry Interval" does works, but is applied only on the page
on which has been set a value for it.
So, what exactly should we expect from both features?
Also, assuming they work correctly, under what conditions exactly they
For failed to load pages, for all pages, for loaded and unloaded tabs, for
pinned and normal tabs?
Also, what about if a page contains a form or text fields or a translator like
Google translate, etc?
Obviously there is a need for some clarifications for the above.

I hope all the above to be helpful to developers.
I'm interested also to try a new/beta version in my environment and provide
feedback to developers.


[ Update ]

Thanks for quick response.

I tested quite extensively the version in the link you provided and now i can
confirm that the main problem i reported (popup alerts/prompts during ffx
startup) has been fixed.

However, the rest issues i mentioned remain..

I have also some suggestions:

- The tooltip of the button, though useful, is somewhat annoying, especially in
small screens of laptops/tablets most people use today, due to its large size.
After a "learning" period it becomes redundant to the user.
An option to disable it, restoring ffx's default tooltip, would be good.
Even better, initially will appear ffx's default tooltip and after a delay, if the user
continues to hover the button, will appear the tooltip of R+.

- This is important in my opinion:
The command "Reload All Tabs" should trigger a warning, like ffx's warning
dialog on opening multiple tabs (ffx options > tabs > "Warn me when opening
multiple tabs might slow down Firefox").
Just imagine to reload (intentionally or accidentally) all tabs in a session with
100 or more tabs!
In most cases, simply this means > task manager > kill firefox.exe...
How many computers are so powerful, with so much ram, online via an
astronomic fast internet connection?
The same also applies to the rest three of "Reload..." commands, depending
on how many tabs is their target.

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If the following resolves your issue, I hope you'll let me know and increase your rating:

Very useful Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

So far, so very good!

My only sugggestion then to improve this great addon would be to make the documentation a little bit clearer so the functions can be found more easily.

RELOADEVERY: This is the functionality I was really looking for as the Reloadevery addon doesn't seem to work with Tab Groups. It took me a while to find how to auto refresh an indivual tab though.

Right clicking the main Firefox reload button brings up a context menu for the tab in focus where you can set a refresh time. Wouldn't it be more intuitive if that was added to the context menu when right clicking the tab though?

Is there any way to turn the auto refresh clock (not the auto refresh itself, just the visible clock) off by way?

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku ( 

Documentation - Part of me agrees wholeheartedly, but the other part would rather write code than a comprehensive help page. This is something I plan to rectify at some point, but needless to say, it's far from a priority.

Tab context menus - That's a design decision. One could make the argument that certain functions would be better presented in alternate locations, but as soon as I make one concession, someone else will want something else in the page context menu, and then the main menu, and then the Firefox button menu, and so forth. For simplicity's sake, all functionality is centralized in the Reload button, thereby (mostly) obviating the need for documentation.

If you find yourself using retry intervals regularly, I recommend swapping out one of the default actions in your configuration. If you absolutely can't live without the default actions, power user tip: Additional key combos can be added in about:config. For example, I bound this action to Ctrl+Alt+F5 by adding an integer value called "extensions.reloadplus.actions.modCtrlAlt0" with a value of 12.

Countdown badge - I can't think of any reason one would want to disable it, so no, there's currently no way to do so.

Thanks for the review! Enjoy R+!