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Proč byl Redirector vytvořen?

I originally created this add-on for a guy on the discussion forums. He was looking for an "automatic link clicker" to click links on a certain page, and I was starting to learn add-on development so I did it just for fun. Over time more people started using the add-on and instead of it being focused on clicking links that were on the page it turned into a general redirection tool from one url to another. This is the add-on I get the most support requests for of all my add-ons (probably because it is not immediately obvious how to get it working correctly) and I try to answer support requests at my homepage or through email as soon as I get them.

Co je dalšího u Redirector plánováno

The 2.0 version added several of the most requested features. These include import/export of redirects, re-ordering redirects, disabling individual redirects, better access to the preferences, improved GUI with better keyboard support, better error handling and warning users about invalid redirects, improved performance and a few others.

Work on this add-on has stopped, it is only updated now when there are bugs, or someone sends me a pull request with a new feature I like.

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Jméno Einar Egilsson
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