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Verze 2.0.3 234.6 KiB Podporuje Firefox 38.0a1 - 56.*

Add support for e10s (multiprocess).

Please submit a bug report if you notice any incompatibilities.

Verze 234.6 KiB Podporuje Firefox 38.0a1 - 49.*

The long awaited v2.0.0! This version packs in a bunch of new features, bug fixes, and updates the addon with current Jetpack APIs. A pretty successful release if I do say so myself.

Release Notes
  • New Feature: Panel that displays list of unread message types (including new posts in subreddits)
  • Clicking the addon button when there are no new updates takes the user directly to reddit
  • Removes logged out of reddit message (see issue #27)
  • Button bubble now updates with total unread count (this was broken by a Firefox update, see issue #32)
  • Manual refresh has been removed (hopefully to return once the addon button API matures)
  • Checking new posts in subreddits is now saved between browser restarts
  • Removing and adding subreddits in the preferences no longer overwrites newest post times of other subreddits
  • Code refactored to be more modular and easier to maintain
  • Unread messages data structure completely rewritten to be more DRY and easier to use
  • Ported addon to JPM (requires Firefox 38+)

Verze 192.5 KiB Podporuje Firefox 21.0 - 39.*

Yes, this is a small miniscule update from version 1.5.3. Some might say that it is the same exact file and they would be right.

  • New feature: You can now toggle off moderator mail notifications in the options panel.
  • New feature: Added option to disable checking for new messages and replies.
  • New feature: Added a volume toggle for the alert sound.
  • Fixed subreddit new post bug
  • Updated for Addon SDK version 1.16

Verze 1.0.1-signed.1-signed 364.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 19.0 - 27.*

  • New feature: Don't want to miss the latest posts on your favorite subreddit? Tell RedditNotifier to watch certain subreddits for new posts.
  • New feature: RedditNotifier will now let you know when you have new moderator mail.
  • New feature: An alert sound will play when there are new notifications (can be turned off).
  • Lots of changes in the code base to be more extensible and make it easier to add new notification types.