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  • Freezes some subreddits for a while where you can't click on anything but can only scroll. It unfreezes after the page has fully "loaded up" I guess.
  • I refuse to use Reddit without this. I have and it's not the same experience.
  • I just installed this plug-in today 1-11-2019. I loaded in all my alternate account info but when I try to switch to my backup account it doesn't work. RES only brings me to that alternate account's OVERVIEW page. RES does not log me out of the account I'm in, nor does it log me into the alternate account. I'm on Firefox 64.0 on a macbook, if that matters. I'll be removing this add-on shortly. If it gets fixed I may add it again when the reviews indicate the account switcher is working again. [EDIT: I see dev has been responsive to lower ratings and also in the RESissues reddit community so I increased my original 1 star review to a 2 star review. The only reason I downloaded this was for the multi-account switcher, and it is currently non-functional. Reddit's redesign is likely the culprit so I hope dev can resolve this issue in due time. Thanks for the extension, I can't wait to use it!]
  • The Best Around
  • Turns Reddit from a hot mess to something actually usable. Also allows you to bypass that god-awful redesign layout for the classic, functional layout.
  • I love it but I just really wish after clicking a link it was better at remembering how far down the page you were. It's super frustrating being like 12 pages in and it jumps you back to the top when you go back from a thread
  • I wouldn't browse Reddit without it.