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Love it! Works great. But since I moved to Palemoon x64, it doesn't work. It worked before on the 32bit version. Is it something on my part or it just doesnt work with x64 versions?
Edit: Thanks for the fast reply, that clarified a lot :)

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unfortunately, it won't work on Pale Moon due to an issue with Firefox's addon SDK relying on a hard coded name of some sort (I'm giving a vague answer because I can't remember the exact details)...

While RES isn't officially supported on nightly builds, I am told it will work on Firefox's nightly x64 builds.

It's worth noting, however, that most people don't really need a 64-bit browser. The main advantage is being able to access way more memory - but you can already use over 2gb of memory with 32bit firefox. If you browse with metric loads of tabs open, you might use 2gb - but if not, you're not even pushing the 32bit memory limit, so you're probably not really benefiting from a 64bit browser anyhow. Food for thought :-)