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If you use this mostly for nightmode I suggest you stick with the older version. Everytime I load a new page it starts off in white and then switches to dark. It's very annoying to have a page load in all white and then flash to dark.

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku ( 

RES has tech support...

I would appreciate it if users would be so kind as to actually contact us using any of the available methods for technical support / bug reporting, rather than using negative reviews as an attempt to get our attention.

We have a hardworking support staff at http://reddit.com/r/RESIssues and RES will even post your diagnostic information and help you report the problem.It's a little unfair, in my opinion, to give a negative review for a problem you haven't even made an attempt to ask a question about.

In addition, after the first page load or two in my testing, the flash from white to night mode never happens. None of the code from 4.1.2 to has changed how night mode is injected.