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Rapportive has become an invaluable tool for me. I frankly couldn't operate without it. Rapportive adds insight to communicating with new contacts and convenience when emailing with previous contacts. Everything you need for the person you're emailing with is now in a beautifully designed sidebar, and no longer scattered around the web.

For business communication, Rapportive has streamlined the tedious process of researching people. For personal emails, I now can see my friends recent social media activity right in the side bar and quickly jump to any of their profiles. The person's photo along side emails is also a great way to personalize emailing by putting a face to a name.

One of my favorite features is connecting with someone on LinkedIn through Rapportive. Rapportive eliminates the silly and useless process of deciding how I know this person. Through Rapportive this now becomes one simple step as it should be.

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