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Still works nicely with Awstralis, I'm relieved to say.
One of the essentials.
Much praise and Thank you.

I have put the [JS] button on the nav bar (for emergencies!), and the [QJ] button in the new C̶r̶o̶m̶e̶ FF tweak panel.

That nav bar is going to fill up very quickly with status indicators!! I hope all indicator icons I use there will soon have a 'microscopic' option. (It seems to be a mozilly decision to insist on biggish icons.)

One small usability gripe is that one can only change one option at a time in the [QJ]v drop-down; I change any one setting and FF bounces me out again, so I have to dig my way back down to change the next.
I suspect this too is more a FF usability imposition than anything else (?).

Even more confusing is that if I click the [QJ] itself, it toggles all settings but one never sees the change (because again, FF immediately bounces me out) - I would have to dig down again into FF tweaks if I wanted to check the status, but I guess I trust it by now (probably a bad decision...).

Also, it isn't explicit that right-click on the [QJ] will bring one to the hidden QJ option panel, something one finds by guesswork. For new users it might be advantageous to have an explicit "options" choice in the drop-down. It's moot.

btw, what does "reload on change" mean?
Am I being dense or have I missed some documentation somewhere? (Reload what to what on change of what?)

One further question - when I toggle JS (or J) to 'off', does it actually stop/kill the relevant background processes, or does the setting apply only to new instances?
My preference would be for killing off rogues in the backbround.

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Typically the review section shouldn't be used for asking questions, in the future please use the support site, github issues tracking and/or Contact Me option on the support site.

1) Yes, FF limits the types of buttons you can use and the dropdown automatically closes. When you click the QJ icon it should change colors to indicate the status of ALL of the items, the only time it doesn't do this is if not all of the items are the same status in which case it indicates On with a "!" next to it.

You could try using the custom style piece to remove padding and change the font size smaller to get smaller buttons.

The extension description clearly states in the Usage section that right clicking any visible QJ icon will display an ability to get into the options. There is also a menu for "Help and FAQ" and the main support site which answers some of your other questions (such as "reload on change"). Some settings apply immediately (such as CSS and I believe J,F & SL), while others apply to the next page load (such as JS, Images), these are controlled by the browser (JS used to be immediate) which is why I give you the option to reload the page on a change.

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QuickJava is one of the add-ons I consider essential.

I love to see an immediate indication of plug-in status, rather than having to remember, or guess, or trust to luck.

I love the ease of switching, instead of having to delve into the innards many clicks and delays away.

Unfortunately the #!FLAME*#ing arrogant moz devs have in their infinite false wisdom decided to go the route of dumbing down & removing useful features from Firefox in an effort to really annoy me.

We've already seen that kind of sabotage when they removed the easy JavaScript switch feature, ostensibly to protect users from deeply technical solutions by pointing them at about:config instead - choosing the wrong solution to the wrongly perceived problem. Exasperating.

In the coming Australis perversion of Firefox (which is not all bad, just mostly bad), one of the devs' "helpful" dumb moves is to completely remove the add-on bar. Another has been to ensure that FlashBlock does not work sensibly. (Not to mention what they are doing to tabs.)

Another is only to listen to selected users, it seems, as in "talk to the hand".

For those who've been kept in the dark about Australis, see an enthusatic but less-than-open blurb here:

Read the comments. Someone has to. Find out about it. Try the "nightly" (QJ won't work). Complain loudly!How will QJ cope with this dash for idiocy?

Will QJ be able to cope with it?

Will you be dependent on fall-back addons reconstructing some kind of non-native addon-bar, an extra potential point of failure (given recent history of great addons being rendered unusable from time to time by FF auto upgrades, not good).

I wouldn't see it as being useful to clog up the navigation bar (soon to be the one_&_only everything-to-everyone Swiss Army navigation, search & status bar) , which seems to be the dev favoured solution.

I would be devastated to lose QJ.


One other thought - the indicator/switch icons don't really need to be so large, unless one is looking for an accessibility option.

(Oh, and smaller icons customisation is to be killed off by Australis, too, in an apparent desire to economise on screen space ???? Go figure.)

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Mainstay add-on! Simple explicit unobstrusive effective.Thanks for the prompt update to cope with the FF 23 lunacy which disabled the Java toggle. At least Mozilla managed to adopt your fix fairly quickly.

Feature request:Do you think you could add a L toggle to undo the effects of Lunatic development decisions at MozHQ?

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Still 5★ but sadly overtaken by events - to whit, the HTML5 media player, so the utility of switching off Flash is sadly reduced.

Very useful on restart; it can stop cpu/gpu-intensive processes loading in the background, speeding up a restart when FF gets clunged up, & preventing background annoyances.

One of the best features was to allow me to switch off all the Adobe Crash player processor hogs, playing annoyingly in some un-findable background location (especially at restart).
Sadly, this no longer works so well as some sites intrude again with HTML5 video/audio, or even switch to HTML5 if Flash is unavailable.

These might be helpful for user, but I'm not sure how straightforward it would be to implement them
1) Add switches for whatever media player is appropriately installed. For Linux + Gnome this is often Totem {see e.g. WP /Totem_(software) }. Ditto mplayer etc. etc
2) Add a switch to halt HTML5 media plays (somehow)
3) Add a switch to kILL plugin-containe(r). I find in Linux that a >pkill plugin-container often frees up FF when it is slow or stuck, even if the container is quite small, not full of leaked memory. If this could be added to the 'off' Flash process, it might be advantageous for the average user.
4) It is wonderful, & necessary, to switch 'services' globally. In an ideal world, it would be really nice, additionally, to be able to switch things on/off for the current page only. That's probably a rather different extension - there are addons that do this piecemeal, but conversely they don't work globally.

There is some discussion here about the row of status/switch icons & their size.
Yes, a sensible reduction in the use of screen real-estate is often welcome. The spacing & size might benefit from being customisable.

However, I like to see - want to see - the status of each 'service' at a glance, not hidden away behind another button to click.
That would be an abomination, IMNSHO.

It's plain daft to hide status indicators. They needn't be too big, though, so long as they are clear.

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