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DTS: 04142014-2000


I'm sure some of us know about the JS fail suddenly across Gecko engines. Well this plugin works to re-enable JavaScript if need be including CID. Of course, this was a last ditch effort to secure my knowledge and moved on (back) to CD (Webkit.) It was a nice 2.5 - 3 decades Mozilla. Farewell.

Thank you.

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Great tool and working with Firefox 29! :-)

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I'm happy ;-)

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i have found out that quick java does not stop already working javascripts any more. that is bad, but quickjava is still good addon, for that i set 5 stars.

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Thank you for this amazing extension – it can help in making browsing faster, solving compatibility issues, and maintaining privacy!

I'd have just one request: could you make QuickJava addon icon movable, or the option to have it on the navigation and menu bars?

Thank you!

Functionality already exists

This functionality already exists, you can even add other icons that are directly for JavaScript, Flash, Java, ect. Please google "Customize firefox toolbar" to find step by step instructions.

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Love it and use it all the time.

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A must have - brilliantly simple and easy to use, this is the first thing I add in any new Firefox install.

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This is addon is very useful because it allows to enable or disable plugins and settings with a mouse click.

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Instantly optimizes my webpages. Especially the chunky ones, full with flash animations

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This add-on is brilliant! Saves me lots of money every month. My choices for internet are dial-up, satellite or mobile; no cable, no DSL. This add-on cuts my bandwidth to less than half every month. The only problem with this add-on is it's name; should be called Bandwidth Reducer or something more descriptive. Absolutely love this add-on so much, I'm making a contribution. Thanks Doug G.

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Thank you

Thanks for the kind review. While some users appreciate the ability to easily reduce their bandwidth, most users appreciate the security benefits. I will note it in the item description which should help it show up in searches though :)

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QuickJava is one of the add-ons I consider essential.

I love to see an immediate indication of plug-in status, rather than having to remember, or guess, or trust to luck.

I love the ease of switching, instead of having to delve into the innards many clicks and delays away.

Unfortunately the #!FLAME*#ing arrogant moz devs have in their infinite false wisdom decided to go the route of dumbing down & removing useful features from Firefox in an effort to really annoy me.

We've already seen that kind of sabotage when they removed the easy JavaScript switch feature, ostensibly to protect users from deeply technical solutions by pointing them at about:config instead - choosing the wrong solution to the wrongly perceived problem. Exasperating.

In the coming Australis perversion of Firefox (which is not all bad, just mostly bad), one of the devs' "helpful" dumb moves is to completely remove the add-on bar. Another has been to ensure that FlashBlock does not work sensibly. (Not to mention what they are doing to tabs.)

Another is only to listen to selected users, it seems, as in "talk to the hand".

For those who've been kept in the dark about Australis, see an enthusatic but less-than-open blurb here:


Read the comments. Someone has to. Find out about it. Try the "nightly" (QJ won't work). Complain loudly!How will QJ cope with this dash for idiocy?

Will QJ be able to cope with it?

Will you be dependent on fall-back addons reconstructing some kind of non-native addon-bar, an extra potential point of failure (given recent history of great addons being rendered unusable from time to time by FF auto upgrades, not good).

I wouldn't see it as being useful to clog up the navigation bar (soon to be the one_&_only everything-to-everyone Swiss Army navigation, search & status bar) , which seems to be the dev favoured solution.

I would be devastated to lose QJ.


One other thought - the indicator/switch icons don't really need to be so large, unless one is looking for an accessibility option.

(Oh, and smaller icons customisation is to be killed off by Australis, too, in an apparent desire to economise on screen space ???? Go figure.)

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Being able to click JavaScript on and off is great. The presentation by the author is also great. No hocus-pocus - it's right in front of your face.

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Ottimo add-on per un controllo completo del proprio browser, magari all'utente entry level sembrerà inutile, ma molte features sono sicuramente vincenti
- andrea valori

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Simply adds the missing options to Firefox Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Even though Mozilla doesn't want you to, you may occasionally need to disable Javascript, Java or similar features on webpages either for testing or maybe since a page is using the features in an abusive way. QuickJava is a very simple and simple to use addon to do exactly that without fiddling with about:config options directly. It even supports disabling animated images, that is a feature I didn't use ever since I stopped using Proxomitron :-)

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If your a developer your better off with WebDeveloper Tool Bar as it offers more features

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It's ok to use both :)

There are times I need the items offered in Web Developer Toolbar, but usually it's turned off to save the space of an entire toolbar. In any case, to each their own, the extensibility of FireFox is part of what makes it so great.

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This addon went from good to great with the 2.0.2 update. I got rid of a toggling proxy addon since there is a toggle proxy button. Now if I could whitelist a site with the Flash part of it I would get rid of another addon.

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Proxy Button

Glad you love the addon. FYI the Proxy button has been available since Version 1.7.3 Released May 16, 2011 ;)

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A great add-on, especially since Mozilla has decided to cater to a few noobs by removing the Javascript on/off option in Tools.

Hopefully it will continue to work on future versions of Firefox.

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Thanks for the update! Could you also consider adding a button for enabling/disabling "work offline"? It'd be very handy. Thanks

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I didn't expect to see this updated for FFox 23 and wasn't looking forward to searching for an alternative. Thanks David, for the update!.

Edit: Ooops. This update brought to you by the letter D. Thanks Doug! :)

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David provided some of the visual changes, all functionality changes were done by myself. :)

Kills Flash Hogs Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

love it, great addon, but was really irritated did not work with FF23, and i made it check for update but nothing would work. but after i came to the addons.mozilla page and had to manually download to update. thought i would tell you.back to the rating. its great when multiple tabs are open i can just click the little FLASH (usually) button to kill all flash to speed up and free CPU. thank you for such a great addon.quickjava and adblock plus are a must have whenever i reinstall firefox.

edit: looked below at a suggestion, ads are bound to migrate to html5 video soon as well. i agree would be great if we could disable that.

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I have looked into how to handle HTML5 elements and how to provide a proper GUI. Unlike any of the other buttons, disabling HTML5 will require changing multiple options. (Go to "about:config" in your url and put "media.*.enabled" in the filter to see a list, most of which would need to be modified) This is on the "being considered" list for now but may not make it into the next major version which I am currently working on/testing.