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  • It's very useful. Is it possible to add an option to block Saved Passwords in Security Tab? Thanks Igor this excellent extension.
  • help wanted to block all downloads
  • Hi,

    this is a really cool plugin. i love it.
    The only thing i miss, is a option to disable the password authorization or password prompt. So the users dont try to get access, if nothing happend.... :)
  • Amendment for my last post "FF 3.6.12. Unable to add a bookmark...". It is a conflict with the addon Tab Mix Plus v0.3.8.4 (default settings)
  • Great add-on! Makes FF the most secure & private browser in the world!
  • Public Fox 1.08 Add-on is disabling the close sidebar X in the latest version of Firefox 3.6.12, it worked fine before this update.
    The close sidebar X will not close the bookmarks or history sidebars when Public Fox is enabled. It worked fine before the latest update to Firefox, 3.6.12
    Thanks for reporting this, http://github.com/mrigor/publicfox/issues/issue/4
  • great addon .it's my favorit
    please upgard firefox .3.7.
    great job ...........5star
  • Very useful addon. It does exactly what i needed for my public Firefox installations.

    I just got one question, was the whitelist removed? I see it in some screenshot but it is missing from my installation (version 1.06).
  • Good app, block downloads and sites
  • Now i don't have to use another browser for web banking, shut down my add-ons, a few they make trouble with my banking website :-) Even a bit annoying the password popup. Better a button (in menu or/and status bar, even with hot key feature) to switch on/off this extension!
  • Really good add on, does everything I need except it does not block access to Customize the Navigation Toolbar, It needs to block that access to actually be a bullet proof add on (for the reason it would be used)!
  • Good but can't block History and Bookmarks, Google and Government can gain access to steal that.
  • the software is good for securing public terminal but if you install another addon "procon latte" the features of public fox dies (people will have access to addon section and other areas which are blocked through) please fix this
  • Seeing as I can't get to the authors support site I will post this here...In order to fix the about:CONfig bug you need to update the following file


    function dlwatch_checkurl(){
    var location = window._content.location.href.toLowerCase();

    Other than that the addon works really well.
  • dlwatchoverlay.js ... modify the following function to resolve the about:config case-senstive checking bug...

    function dlwatch_checkurl(){
    var location = window._content.location.href.toLowerCase();
    .. (rest of the function..)

    The file is located in 'extensions\{9AA46F4F-4DC7-4c06-97AF-6665170634FE}\chrome\content\'
  • This would be an excellent addon for a multi-user environment - if it worked!
    Unfortunately, when deployed globally the download here is not compatable with FF 3.5.3.
    Although you can update from within FF Addons (which then makes it work) the restrictions you set do not affect other users. I guess this is because the other users have not (and cannot due to account restrictions) update the addon.
    This is a big shame as it would very much simplify FF lock down for our school.
    Please, is there anyone who knows a fix for this?
  • I have always used Public Fox in the past with older versions of FF. It has always worked well. Now with the new version, I can install through the add-ins section of FF and it works fine. If you deploy FF with public fox in it, it will bring up the add-ins and tell me that public fox is not compatible with FF 3.5.3. Has anyone see this or found a way around it.

  • Terriffic addon for Firefox. One thing I would love for it to do is have a word block list so that when certain words in url's can be blocked so the url that contains the certain word cannot be gone to..
  • Hello there,

    This addon basically does what i/we want to accomplish with firefox without having to do major programming to shut down the options for end-users. Tho this addon is great for personal use its practically useless for a server enviroment. at least thats my experience. I can globally install the addon on the server, but changes to the addon like for example blocking parts of menu's will only still work for one user instead of the whole server. if anyone knows how i can set this up so that everyone on that server will be blocked from accessing the options menu i would gladly hear about it.


    Public fox never let me set a password and prompts me for one everytime I need to go to addons.

    How can I uninstall it?
  • great program, but i don't see why it requires a password for other add-ons except itself?? anyone with a few brains can find public fox in the tools menu and change the password or disable it!!! is this gonna be fixed or am i missing something in the setup??
  • A good, simple way to lock down various Firefox settings from being changed.

    I wish there was an option for the extension to block the blacklist websites without prompting for the password. As it is now, I'm using the BlockSite extension for website blocking, and Public Fox to password protect the add-ins and other settings.
  • Just installed this on all the computers here at my office. I love the add-on. Though what would be nice is a option for a white list. Cut out the need for proxy server to my URL filtering.
  • Hello girls and boys ;-)
    thanx for this extension!
    I have installed this global (/usr/lib/firefox/extensions),
    but nothing was happend :-(
    Therefore, i looked into the install.rdf and changed the
    entry maxVersion="3.2a1pre" to "3.5.2". Then was no
    problems, when I logging as normally user. The
    extension run normally ...
    Sorry, my english is not so good ...
  • Awesome addon. But it looks like I managed to break the security of this add-on.

    Basically I am trying to protect about:config so no one can screw with it without a password.

    Steps to the break:
    1) user types in the http address loc -> about:config
    2) add-on asks for pwd which user doesn't know
    3) now, without writing anything in the pwd location, click on some link in outlook email box.
    4) this will open a new tab in mozilla
    5) now click cancel on the pwd prompt
    6) the pwd prompt gets associated with the newly opened tab
    7) well, so the new tab is not displayed
    8) now go back to the about:config tab
    9) the pwd menu is gone and about:config is yours for the taking!!!