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  • This is perfect for my purposes, however it blocks Firefox browser updates, along with plugin updates. I must disable the addon, perform updates manually, then enable the addon. This is not optimal. Five star rating will come when this issue is addressed.
  • It blocks the sidebar but not the history window when opened from the menu bar. Can we get an update by chance to fix this issue.
  • I want to see if this will protect against software installing addons on me. However, I opened the add-ons page to modify the settings for them in FireFox 12 and I clicked cancel on the password box to see what would happen. It shows the page in the background and then it goes to a blank page. You can hit the escape key after you click cancel and it won't change the page.

    In order to block this hacking attempt, you might consider blocking internal URLS. about:addons is the internal URL for the add-ons page and if you block access to it in a way that will only allow the page to be opened by entering the password, it'll be harder to hack.
  • Great system for individuals. Can you change the default settings to be able to mass role out though?
  • Works like a charm! I have an older computer (Windows XP) which I have set aside for my youngest children (ages 7 and 5). I didn't want them inadvertently downloading and installing programs from the Internet. So, walla! Along comes PublicFox! I installed it; and, now, nothing can be downloaded without a password! Great protection for my children's computer! Thx
  • password protects the "Clear Recent History" button but then you can just go into "Show All History" and delete everything in there. How useless.
  • Could work with the master password firefox
  • It does not delete all own files after uninstalling. Password can not be deleted, only changed.
  • i really liked it!

    goes well with cloudacle web filter

    i rated this 5 stars this is a very useful addon!

    please make frequent updates :D
  • I installed Public Fox on my son's computer and password protected everything but he still deletes the history
  • Nice to lock down firefox settings. However, a few more things require to be locked down:

    1. Bookmarks can still be deleted. This needs to be prevented.

    2. The addon manager is locked down, but addons which are present in the status bar, etc. can be accessed. Their options are not locked down. Maybe something can be done about this?
  • Can easily access and delete History by going to History > Show All History.
    Fix that!!!!!!!
    Then is ok!
  • Russian translation:

    Об этом дополнении:
    Блокировка паролем скачиваний, закладок / аддонов / загрузок и др. настроек с помощью пароля.
    Блокировка загрузки. Предотвращение изменений настроек браузера.
    Блокировка about:addons (настроек дополнений), меню настроек Firefox, "about:config", закладок.
    Блокирует нежелательные веб-сайты.
    Все с главным паролем.
  • This is /brilliant./ My mother is a Facebook addict that blindly clicks any link that her idiot sister sends her. I've been cleaning up her computer once a month for a little over a year and I'm sick of it! This add-on is /exactly/ what I need! Great idea, thanks so much for creating!
  • Excellent for cafe's minus one little caveat.

    Please add option to disable file browsing through Firefox -> New Tab -> Open File Menu list option as this allows users access to the filesystem and can open a command prompt by right clicking cmd.exe and run as admin.

    Otherwise my favorite lockdown tool. Installed on all of my PC's 25 and installed on my in-law's computer. You are the man! If you want or need help let me know!
  • what happened to the whitelist? I cant use this anymore as i was using it for the whitelist
  • Can easily access and delete History by going to History > Show All History.

    It seems Flash can be installed (on v4.0) through a circumvention of this add-on. Is not there a way to block that -- or maybe not?
  • can't add bookmarks when public fox is active (firefox 4.0.1)
    it is a conflict with all IETab plugins
  • Can easily access and delete History by going to History > Show All History.
  • finded is long time.
    I follow from google search
    Oh yes ,this tools amaszing.
    thank devoloper very much.
  • Hi, i really like this addon sicne many people at home use my pc. The strange thing is that since i activated it, many times when i open my browser (the home page is www.google.com) i get a message 302 moved with a link "here" when i press it then i go to google and everything works fine. i first thought it was a virus i checked everything no problem, hosts file is ok too. ialso checked the ip of the link i get redirected which is google too. the problem i think is the redirection from google.com (my default home page) to google.xx which is my country. but this started happening after i installed this addon. anayone confirm this?
  • Been using this Addon for more than a year and it works perfectly.

    I hope update will be release soon. FOR FIREFOX 4.0+
  • gr8 work plz upgrade to make it work with FF4
  • This is nice, but it can be bypassed by booting into safe mode. If there was a option to disable Safe Mode, this would be awesome.