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  • This extension is a great idea - to have control on your browser access. It'd vote 5 out of 5 if everything was perfect but it's not, as every new development. I'm glad that important things such options, downloads, bookmarks, etc but when I tried to lock my history it didn't do it. Anyway I'm sure this will be fix shortly and you need to try it. I think you'll like it too.
  • Finally I've found what I was looking for. It does what it's supposed to do and also it is very convenient. You don't need to worry about your privacy and you can set your own rules for surfing, downloading, bookmarks, etc.
  • It seems fine. I like that there are several options and you can decide which one to be active. It's easy to use with and simple enough.
  • I've tried this addon and I am positive about it. I've installed it because I was looking for some protection. My computer isn't used only by me so each member of my family (especially the kids) could download and install whatever they want. Besides its great functionality I respect the URL blocker the most. By using it you can deny access to some inappropriate pages.
  • We've used Public Fox for years and were always pleased with how it could lock down Firefox without interfering with the functionality of the browser. With the latest version, however came the option to add AdBeaver, every time Firefox is opened which if the unsuspecting user clicks on forces them to see pornographic advertisements. Do not install this product.
  • Could you add a password to access the different profiles throught the command firefox.exe -p (Windows + R), please ? I really don't know why Mozilla didn't put an option for you to enable a password in your profiles =/.
    The app will be better after that, with more options to keep your account safe xD.

    If I select Menu and History, I still can access some pages of my last researches, you can also fix it, hidding this option or putting a password on Menu -> +Personalize.

    Thanks you guys !
  • I noticed they solved the problem I stated below. Now Public Fox is safe again.
    Today I installed the last version of Firefox and Public Fox works fine.


    Public Fox Add On works fine till version 10 of Firefox for Puppy Linux.

    Today, again, I updated Firefox (version 35)
    To my surprise, Public Fox automatically updated as well,
    but the error remains:
    when the Popup ask for password,
    I CAN CLICK ANOTHER TAB ( which is not possible in version 10 )
    then I go back to the Popup, press scape key, or press the cancel button, or close the Popup and got unprotected the add-ons window.

    I understand that if...
    1. Password wrong or
    2. ESC key pressed or
    3. Cancel button clicked or
    4. Public Fox Popup closed...

    then Public Fox converts the active Tab in a "New Tab" Tab.

    If user can change the active Tab,
    then the Add-Ons Tab remains open and now unprotected.

    Since in this version
    you can change the active Tab
    while the Public Fox Popup is open,
    then it's still a breakable version of Public Fox.

    So I rollback to version 10 of Firefox with plenty plenty problems, but protected.


    Push! Push! Push! Elektra

    Than you !
  • Un buen complemento pero le falta que restrinja la instalación de extensiones también...
  • I can put the password history so that erased've been looking for a plug-perfect score of 5 out of 5

    geçmiş silinmesin diye parola koyabileceğim bir eklenti arıyordum mükemmel puanım 5 üzerinden 5
  • seems useful
  • Too good!
  • I always loved this kind of addons and this is really one of the best!
  • Can be easily bypassed by spamming Escape as soon as the password dialog shows up.
    HI, I tried to skip with "ESC" but it did not work - please contact me at publicfoxsupport@wivg.de
  • Even if I have unchecked the Customize toolbar unchecked Public Fox is Disabling Customize toolbar... kindly fix
  • This is a great piece of software, it would be really nice to remove the 'password' pop-up box though, perhaps incorporate that into the notification bar at the top of the page. I use it in a school IT lab and we block facebook. This is a problem because a lot of sites use content from facebook, so the pop-up appears on the web page, requiring (rather young) users to click on 'cancel' before being able to proceed with the unblocked part of the web page. Aside from that, this is great!
  • I've been using this useful app for so long and im a very satisfied user, problem arises when i upgraded Firefox to the latest version (21.0) ... Public Fox is no longer functioning on Firefox latest version ... Hope update is on the way ... Thank You!
  • Hi. This is a very nice add-on, but when I provide extentions that needs to be blocked, it does not block download of those files. It allows every file to be downloaded. I want to allow download of pdfs, docx, xlsx, etc. files but block exe, mp3, avi, flv, etc. Kindly suggest.
  • good and very useful ,same as i desired. but even after locking bookmark menu is still accessible. so please fix it. its really good one.
  • This is a marvelous add-ons for public computer!

    But unfortunately I found a way to disabled the add-ons, by doing this step: Help -> Restart with Add-ons Disabled

    You should add a password prompt before it execute.

    Good job, Igor!! :)
  • Es el complemento que necesito pero aun instalado y configurado sigo descargando cualquier archivo, alguien le ha pasado lo mismo?
  • Does what it says. Very useful.
  • Locking out adding more bookmarks is fine...however what's the use of locking the bookmarks side box if the bookmarks MENU is still accessible?....Please fix....otherwise, it defeats the purpose of locking out bookmarks.Thanks!*Also needs a ToolBar "Lock" icon/button and context/tools menu options, especially to lock/unlock url's.
  • Its nice to have such a thing. But its not foolproof.

    Add Ons: It do lock add ons, but still you can access them by pressing cancel and Esc immediately.
    2ndly, it doesn't lock addons at all, in side bar, in case you are using AIOS addon.
  • Блокирует, но позволяет войти на заблокированный сайт из истории.
  • I use public fox for the computer terminals at a public library and so far it's been great. One problem I do have however is that it is possible to change the homepage even if that the options menu is locked. The way you change the home page is by click-dragging a website icon from the url bar and releasing it directly onto the homepage button on the far right. FF then asks you if you'd like to change your homepage to the page you just selected. If you fix this we will be gold.