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  • As of Firefox update to 38.0.1, opening the history sidebar by hitting Ctrl+H is no longer password-protected.
  • Broken after updating to firefox 38.01
    I can access firefox options without a password even though lock options is selected in public fox.
  • FUCK ADBEAVER. I'm not returning 5-star unless you delete the adbeaver that is piece of shit with all of this porn.
  • I would like this add-on to be compatable with firefox for Android.
  • OMG. Muito bom! :D . Tudo que eu queria :D . Muito obrigado por esse maravilhoso complemento! :D . Amo o Firefox :D .
    Português - Brasil.
  • I've read a comment about it's being great for public places. I've decided to try this extension because I work at such place and lots of people try to download any kind of stuff to our public computer (which is only for surfing, it's not personal). Public fox is really useful and now that computer is not messy as it used to be.
  • I used this extension in the past and there were some problems with it that is why I gave the support time to fix them and then share my opinion. Now as I'm testing it I can say that issues I had experienced are solved and it works as has to. I'm glad that people are working and try to give their best for solving any kind of problems if they occur.
  • If you are looking something which allow you to set your own rules on you pc then this extension is just for you. For some reasons sometimes it stops working properly for a while but when I restart my browser it comes back alive as normal as it should be. I give 4 out of 5 because of that bug but still think that it's awesome.
  • It seems to work quite well and is exactly what I needed to set some rules on the family computer. Besides, all the good stuff, I like most the URL blocker.
  • Awesome addon for public places. I work at internet coffee where people are restricted to install stuff. Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!
  • Страшно много ми харесва. Идеално е за малък офис, където не се администрират много компютри и ограничението може да се направи конкретно на самия браузър.
  • I can't say straight I like it. There are several issues that are not fixed yet. Some of the options you may like but for the best part of it is the URL blocker. It works fine.
  • As far as I tested this extension I'd recommend it. I'm satisfied and think you won't regret if you try it.
  • Idée géniale et il fonctionne
  • It's a really good one. I like its simple design and how easy and convenient it is.
  • Very useful, exactly what I was looking for :)
  • I have loved using Public Fox for years, and feel guilty that I haven't given money to the developers. If I give money now, can you remove the AdBeaver prompt? I'm tired of hearing complaints about porn advertisements popping up.
  • If a user wants to break the rules they will do it. So the option to turn its impact off will always exist. Anyway I love to distract myself from the subject. I think I got a taste for this extension and I'll continue to use it. It gives you some possibilities which you can be secure with. And according to the title - yes it works and if you're not sure, just try it and you'll find out whether it is your cup of tea.
  • There are several options to restrict the access to some pages but I think using this extension is as simple as much. I'm impressed by its URL blocker, as some other users are. I have set a password for installing software on my computer so I don't worry about it but some inappropriate sites are on the line though. Now I can be sure they'll remain hidden for my children.
  • I like it. It does what is said and for my needs I'm fully satisfied. I've installed it on the common pc so now there are some restrictions and people do their job better, don't waste time in clicking and watching pointless stuff.
  • I've been always trying to make my kids think before download something or just visit some pages with viruses. Since I've downloaded this extension my computer is in better condition than ever. Thank you for creating it.
  • In early 2015, Public Fox started including "AdBeaver" adware to help generate revenue for it's developers. AdBeaver likes to show pop-up porn ads.

    Sure, Public Fox prompts you if you want to install AdBeaver, but it's not a prompt during setup (it pops up randomly much later while browsing), it's wording is misleading, and most people blindly click "OK" anyway.
  • I've looked at the comments and saw there were some problems but they don't concern me. According to my needs I can honestly say that this addon is very good and I'm fully satisfied with it.
  • It doesn't work properly when some of the options are checked. But I give 4/5 because that doesn't bother me, everything what I need works perfect and my pc is not messed up since I have to share it with a group of colleagues.
  • As I read a review for its URL blocker I decided to give it a go and see whether is good or not. I fell in love with this extension, I can set password and define which sites are denied and what my children can visit. There is too much inappropriate information for kids nowadays on the internet. If you want to protect their child minds you definitely will like this addon.