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  • goooood
  • Works as I wanted. Thanks!
  • If you add '?' you can access the addons page, please fix this and it will be perfect and I'll rate 5 stars
  • o.k.
  • Great idea, but easily bypassed and causes tabs to constantly reload themselves whenever you switch between them. Not recommended. Just get a site blocker that also features an addons page lock.
  • As someone else mentioned, there's a delay when you restart the browser which gives you more than enough time to disable the addon...which kind of defeats its purpose. It would be great if you could fix this.
  • no funciona nada
  • When I restart the computer and open Mozilla, there is a window of time where the block lags and can be disabled. My son used this to get through to the safety add-ons I have, can you please fix it??
  • This actually works pretty great. But there is a bug: If you add a ? to the settings or addons page url like about:addons? you get access. Please fix this!
    It would be great if it were possible to add URLs that are password protected and not just blocked.
  • The password does not work on the install addon
  • did not work at all!! tried everything, putting things like "jpeg" and "JPEG" and was still able to download everything!
  • Lubuntu 18.04. Doesn't save the settings. No button works. Doesn't work at all.
  • Très bon plugin sur le papier mais qui peut être contourné très facilement.
    Démarrer Firefox > Aide > Redémarrer avec les modules désactivés. Une fois que le navigateur est démarré avec le module désactivé on peut supprimer Public Fox des modules complémentaires installés.