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Over at the Mozilla Firefox Addon Forums I was helping out some people and saw a pinned topic that Australis is coming and there is an addon contest. So I downloaded Australis and it was beautiful. (PS: I really like how inactive tabs are easy to tell from the active tab.) However, one thing I saw it lacked was a profile manager that fit the Australis style of beauty and ease of use yet simple.

When I saw the Australus menu panel it hit me right away it would be so right if right above the "Sync" menu item it showed the profile I was in. It would be a very elegant solution because it does not waste valuable resources as an icon in the tab bar would or a toolbar button in the toolbar. I thought a hover to expand would be a good idea so it doesn't waste space in the menu with buttons that are less used such as "Create New Profile" and launching of other profiles.

I started to think of a name, and I thought if a person likes to deal with a profiles, they would be called a Profilist. So I named this addon that.

I designed this using the latest technologies offered by Mozilla so it keeps perfromance in mind.

My ultimate hope for this addon is that I discontinue it one day soon because Mozilla adapts it into the standard Firefox builds. We really need a simple and elegant profile manager. The current one is very ugly and extremely hard to get to. Lots of people don't even know it exists.

Co je dalšího u Profilist plánováno

  1. Optimizations - Just review code make it more smooth. One thing I am eagerly awaiting though is a new feature that allows addon devs to watch files, this way the Profilist menu doesn't have to be updated on every panel show, but rather only when profiles are created/deleted/renamed. This feature is being worked on Bugzilla: Bug 958280 - [OS.File] Add a watch() function to OS.File
  2. In Panel Editing - Right now if you want to rename or delete a profile you have to click and hold on the profile name in the menu, and then it pops open prompt boxes. I hope to remove the reliance on the prompt boxes and transform the profile menu item into an editable textbox. I'm thinking of adding a pencil icon to allow rename and a x icon to allow delete.
  3. Enhance Looks - Improve on the CSS and the images used.
  4. Localization - Support different languages, I need to learn how to localize though and will need help from the user base with localization experience.
  5. Advanced Options - Add below the "Create New Profile" menu item an "Advanced Options" item. Clicking this will open a panel within the main menu panel in the same style as current subpanels open (like when "History" is clicked it slides in a subpanel)
    • Default Profile Management - A default profile is if you have multiple profiles and want to designate the starting profile.
    • Start with Last Closed Profile - Next time when launch browser it will start with the profile that was last closed, regardless of profile is designated as default.
    • Start with First Opened Profile - Next time when launch browser it will start with the last profile that was started up, regardless of profile is designated as default.
    • Start with Classic Profile Manager - On launch of browser it will always start with the classic profile manager.
  6. Expand Down Behavior - Currently on hover of the "active profile" toolbar item, the Profilist menu expands up, so if you hover over and don't move after expansion completes your mouse is now over "Create New Profile". I plan to make it so on hover the "active profile" toolbar item stays under your cursor but the whole panel grows in height downwards as the menu expands, so after expansion completes, your cursor is still over the "active profile" toolbar item.

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