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The toolbar button of the add-on appears clear to me, I can not access with your mouse and no context menu entry

Firefox 35.0

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This is a follow up on the request from CleverClogs. I managed to make PDFviewer switcher to use to a different pdf plugin (SumatraPDF) instead of Adobe by modifying main.js in xpi package. What is needed, is to replace (in two places in main.js) the string 'navigator.plugins["Adobe Acrobat"]' with 'navigator.plugins["SumatraPDF Browser Plugin"]' - I guess it will similarly work for Foxit.

Perhaps the author would like to make this configurable (i.e., in the add-on options) so that we do not have to hard-code it in the sources.

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EDIT: See new version 0.9.0alpha1 in the development channel (or "

I will look into this:
The most generic way would be to detect all installed pdf plugins, but at the moment, I do not how?!?

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This add-on works as advertised. It works very well to switch between Firefox' built-in PDF viewer and a third-party PDF viewer. Has anyone succeeded in simultaneously installing multiple third-party PDF viewers in addition to Firefox' own HTML5 PDF viewer? I tried running the Foxit and Acrobat PDF viewer browser plugins together for example, but then the Acrobat one always takes precedence, and the Foxit one never gets the chance to open.I'd write to the developer directly if I could, but it seems there's no way to contact him directly. Please ping me on Twitter @CleverClogs if you have suggestions on how to facilitate switching between multiple PDF viewer plugins. Thanks!

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Firefox bug?

I tried this without the add-on installed: Tools->Preferences->Applications choose Foxit Reader Plugin to view "Portable Document Format (pdf)" if also the Acrobat plugin is installed. Then open a pdf file => always the Acrobat plugin is used.
The only way to get it to work is to go to the add-on manager (Tools->Add-ons) "never activate" the Adobe Acrobat plugin and "always activate" the Foxit plugin.

I am not sure that this (activating/deactivating of plugins) can be done by an add-on

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Version 0.4 fixes my problem. Thanks!

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