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  • Not compatible with Firefox Quantum developer pls resolve this issue

  • Worked really good until FF 57 - Quantum.

    Now, it needs an update!

  • ok

  • The reliability

  • While I give this addon a 5 star rating, it's still not been updated to work with Firefox Quantum. And when I last checked their is no other password addons that allows what this one does, or even close to it. I haven't updated to Quantum because of this addon is not available if I were to do so.

    Developer of this addons, PLEASE update it. It's the only addon of its kind on the addon marketplace. Please take some time and upgrade it so it can be properly used with Quantum. Thanks!

  • When will this be ready for Firefox Quantum????

  • An incredibly useful tool!

  • super

  • La mas completa, sencilla y práctica

  • Es IMPRESCINDIBLE para mí y creo que para todos los usuarios. Es una aplicacion sencilla, fácil de usar y a la vez enorme. Como he dicho IMPRESCINDIBLE.

  • Отличное дополнение. Выручает очень. Единственное, если делать шифрование, то потом этот файл не восстановить почему-то. За это минус одну звезду.

  • einfach Supper, nur schade das esim neuen firefox nicht mehr geht

  • Imprescindible complemento. Por favor actualicenlo...

  • Me funcionan perfeto para recuperar datos de las cuentas general
    Te recomiendo mucho 10!

  • Eccezionale, aspettiamo la versione per Quantum

  • A very big request !!!
    Update the program for the latest version of Mozilla Firefox 56.0.2 (64-bit)
    And further monitor Mozilla Firefox updates for a timely update Password Exporter

  • Wish it was available for Firefox Quantum, worked fantastic with previous FF versions.

  • thanks

  • In replacement of Password Exporter, I am using now PasswordFox v1.58 - Extract the user names/passwords stored in Firefox (https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/passwordfox.html). Export can be done in HTML or by Copy/Paste to text or spreadsheet files. Make sure to choose the correct Firefox Profile in menu File\Select Folder, then enter your Firefox Master Password to see your passwords. In the end, I find it more useful than Password Exporter.....(Windows 10 Pro)


  • looking forward to get updated to Quantum Firefox versions. Hope will be updated soon.

  • non capisco perchè sia stata dichiarata obsoleta su firefox quando invece è la migliore

  • very good addons, cause i am very frequently formating my pc.

  • Doesn't work in new firefox... please update

  • love