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I am migrating myself from chrome but the default new tab behavior of firefox was somewhat annoying.
this really helped me out with this problem.

If this addon has one more function, it will be perfect: opening new tab by clicking "open New Tab" option on the right-click menu on any tab title(just like chrome), instead of by clicking the new tab button at the end of the tab bar.

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Works well with multi-process. Should be the default for firefox.

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very useful for chronic tab openers like me <3 thanks

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I missed this behavior from Chrome. With this add-on, I can finally feel comfortable again.

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This add-on should be an option somewhere in the main FF, because it is extremely useful! I understand that mozilla wants FF to be very fast, but what use has a browser that opens very fast and then the user looses a lot of time by going from the active tab(which can be the first tab on the left) to the new opened tab(which can be tab 100 if you already had 99 tabs on the tab bar)
With this add-on I can:
-open a new tab NEXT TO active(current) tab by pressing Control+t(Ctrl-t) or the plus(+) button at the right of the tab bar, which is the way 99% of the time I want to open a new tab;
-open a new tab AT THE END of the tab bar by pressing Ctrl-Alt-t, which is the way 1% of the time I want to open a new tab. If that combination does not work for you, most likely it is assigned by you or by the default system(and most likely you can change it) to do something else (I used to open the terminal with Ctrl-Alt-t);
-additionally, Add-ons and Preferences will open right next to active(current) tab which is also great;
-last but, very very important also, when you open(ex. with mouse middle button) links from tab 0(the active one) in new tabs, the order they have on the tab bar(from left to right) is tab 0,tab 3, tab 2, tab 1, which means that the last opened link will be closest to the current tab, so you can quickly and easily go to the freshest opened link;

Big thanks for this wonderful add-on!

Thanks! I agree, this should be an option, but as it isn't, I had to write this add-on. Couldn't live with the default tab handling. Unfortunately it seems like this add-on will die in about a year because Firefox will kill the API it's using :-(

multiprocess Firefox (e10s) support Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Any plans to add multiprocess Firefox (e10s) support?

There are still issues that are not currently solvable with webextensions. Which is annoying because Mozilla broke the add-on SDK with the introduction of multiprocessing. So for now it's add-on SDK with multiprocessing disabled or webextensions with some serious problems and lack of functionality.

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Half of the benefit of this addin is taken away by the fact, that any batch of new tabs open 4-3-2-1 instead of 1-2-3-4. It means, the intuitive left to right clicking order is reversed and the next tab is loaded last which can delay work. I suggest open all tabs left to right within a reasonable time frame (10s). E.g. TabControl has it.

This is what https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tab-deque/ is for. I believe visual order should be independent from logical order. This is how classic desktop environments have handled windows for years (Opera and now Vivaldi too if configured so) and I don't understand why Firefox and Chrome don't do it that way out of the box.

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i want the option
[behavior: open the "tabs" in background].

now: 0-3-2-1
to change: 0-1-2-3

0=current tab

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I hate the default tab behaviour, so previously ended up installing tab managing monstrosities. This is a quick and easy solution.

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Very good.

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solved the problem without installing Tab mix plus.

EXCELLENT!! I have been longing for this addon for ages!! Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Well, I have many tabs and, for ages, I put up with having to go back to the first tab when I opened a new tab or a new bookmark. No more with this addon that is such a great jewel.

It seems to do more than what it is supposed to do.
1) You click the + at the top right of your tabs and it opens a new tab that is now next at the right of the current tab. Which is very good when you have many tabs like I do.

2) Not mentioned I believe but also very useful. When you open say the Addons link in Firefox in Tools, Addons, the Addons page shows up also at the right of the current tab and that is again very good.
It does the same for some links that would otherwise move at the very right of the set of tabs and that move at the right of the current tab with this addon.

3) You open Bookmarks, Show All Bookmarks and you click to a particular link. With this addon, the clicked link will show up at the right of your current tab instead of the very right of the big set of tabs that you might have.

Many thanks to the developer. Highly recommended especially for those who open many tabs.

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This is very valuable but not working for me now in FF 44

Hm, works for me. Maybe you have some other add-on that does something with tabs to? You can contact me with the support mail or open issue on Github(see description) if you need more help, can't do anything through reviews.

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This is so useful.


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Спасибо! Именно такое, именно с таким функционалом дополнение я искал. Очень порадовало то, что отдельно можно настроить поведение кнопки «+» (Открыть новую вкладку).

Всё работает просто отлично.

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...problems, problems in v1.1.1..
After i installed this version(1.1.1), i faced the following problems:

1. It messed up my restored session. I had about 70 opened tabs and the next time
i started firefox and hit "Restore Previous Session", the order of the tabs in restored
session was messed up.
Fortunately for me, i use the extension "Session manager, which saved my session!

It's very easy to reproduce this problem:
- Open several tabs and notice their order to remember it.
- Exit firefox (If you have set "browser.showQuitWarning" = true, hit "Exit" in the quit dialog).
- Start firefox again and hit "Restore Previous Session". You will see that the order of restored
tabs will not be the same with previous session.

2. There are conflicts with "Private Tab" extension.
If you put the button of this extension next to "+" button, the option of "Open tabs next to current"
has no any effect. New tabs opened by "+" button (or "Private Tab" button), are placed always
next to current, regardless of the setting in "Enabled for New Tab Button" option.
Also, the keyboard shortcuts "ctrl-t" and "ctrl-alt-t" have weird behavior.

I hope the above to help the developer to fix these issues for this very handy extension!

[Edit 2]

Hi Sebastian,

I responded immediately to your comment, but today i noticed randomly that my second
post is not visible in en-US mozilla or any other language but only to el (i am Greek).
Probably this is a site bug..
In order to see my second post, please visit the greek page of your extension:

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (1.1.1). 

I moved to a new SDK when I added the new functionalities and I removed some functionality which was there to prevent the first problem you have because I thought it was covered by the SDK as I didn't have the problem you describe. I guess it happens only if you've got very many tabs. Should be easy to fix. Until it is, you could go back to a previous version and disable auto updating of the add-on. Sorry about that.

Regarding your second problem, I'll try to reproduce, but it would be good if you created an issue on https://github.com/sblask/firefox-open-tabs-next-to-current otherwise I won't be able to communicate with you should I have more questions. It would be good if you could describe the weird behaviour.

Thanks in advance.


I made my mail address public on my profile: https://addons.mozilla.org/el/firefox/user/sblask/
I tried, but can't reproduce the problem you have with a restoring session. The code that is responsible for moving the tab next to current is not even called. What version of Firefox are you using? Maybe it's an old one which has a bug that causes this problem?

Regarding the private tab button, I will upload a new version in a second(will still have to go through review) that should make it so + button and private tab button behave the same way and respect the setting. For me, the + button always worked as expected, but not the private tab button...

Regarding the keyboard shortcut, I can do that, but it's a bit annoying that changing the shortcuts is not a Firefox feature and there is no good support. So you will have to write the combination yourself and it won't be captured.

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Does what it says. Nothing more, nothing less.

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I benefit already by reading the reviews, before having installed this add-on! Sebastian, thank you so much for the tip with these wonderful shortcuts Ctrl-Shift-PageUp or Ctrl-Shift-PageDown. Should have learned it many years ago... Also, I find your approach to returning to a previous tab after closing the current one logical. Indeed it makes sense to jump back in the historical and not visual manner, although not always, of course.
Puzzling enough, trying Ctrl-Alt-T short cut to open a new tab next to current does work on one of my computers, and NOT on the other. Any idea why?

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Don't you mean Ctrl+T ? Ctrl+Alt+T is a system shortcut on my machine. Maybe it's just by chance that it works for opening a tab on one of your machines.