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Awesome add-on! I've been looking for something similar to this.

It would be amazing if the import/export feature would:

- be able to import/export the group name with the perspective tab (group).
- be able to add a comment with each tab that can be imported/exported with that tab in the import/export feature. Comments could be made visible on the onetab display page and any other place you think useful.
- be able to import/export from/to a file.
- be able to import/export specific groups individually to a file.
- be able to import/export selected groups to a file.
- be able to restore to new tabs within the current window instead of a new window (an option to do one or the other).

The above is listed in the order of priority that I would love to see happen if at all possible :)

Thank you

Why am I interested in doing these things? Well, I do research projects. each project gets all files downloaded into an individual folder labeled with that specific research topic.

The above requested items would make it possible to research each topic in the browser, group all tab together under one name (topic), and download all those tabs into one file in the research topic folder.

The requested items would greatly help with that. As well as help with organization and management of other tabs :)

Thanks again

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I love this add-on so much! I would often have to refer to my History to see particular tabs I need to open back up if I can't refresh the tabs I previously viewed. This is an excellent add-on and I can't wait to see future updates to it!

データ喪失は改善されたようだ Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček



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Muy util Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Muy útil para organizarte

Thank you very much Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

I just want to thank you for the JUNE 2016 UPDATE
thank you for all the good work you do without money.

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Yeah, probably it's my fault that I didn't read the disclosure properly, but it's your fault you write "Information about your tabs are never transmitted or disclosed to either the OneTab developers or any other party", when you actually mean "Information about your tabs are never transmitted or disclosed to either the OneTab developers or any other party except for Google".

So, thanks for everything, I was a happy user even after that lose-all-your-tabs bug, but now I feel kinda fucked. Uninstalling immediately.

Hi we're sorry you didn't see it the first time when you read it. Just to clarify - it is only the icon for the domain name of a web site that is requested from the Google favicon cache. So Google will never see any of the actual pages you were looking at, this is only for icon retrieval and the favicon loader only knows about the domain name.

We're working on ways to cache the favicons in other ways, and can put in an option to prevent any favicons from being loaded at all. We're concerned that caching icons in the browser will cause a storage overload that will trigger firefox to dump all local storage, which is why we have not done this.

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It's working very well!

Works nice with Tree Style Tab, a Vertical tab user musthave Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Easy to install and use. As soon as the tabs start to pile up I just click the Onetab button. Load some more sites and tabs, click Onetab, I get a 2nd, 3rd subsequent group of tabs. So I can go back and restore any of the "group". Great for researching without the need to collapse tab groups. No need to bookmark unproven unread tabs, now that I can temproarily store them in a "OneTab container" sitting one top level of my Tree Style tab pane. And if the memory saving is proven to be true is a great bonus! Very happy with it so far. Highly recommended for the tab-crazy Firefox users like myself!

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The onetabe replace my pocket

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Не удобно оказалось пользоваться

தேவைப்படும் நீட்டிப்பு Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

பயர்பாக்ஸ் இந்த கருவியை பல தாவல்கள் திறந்த கொண்ட போது கூட , கணினி வேகம் அதிகரிக்கிறது . நன்றி அணி .

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Gotta be my most used AddOn Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

When I first was told about this I didn't think I'd use it that much. But now I use it everyday. It's so great to be researching something and be able to save all the tabs to continue my research another day. I even have several groups of tabs with their own group label.

you using open source tab grenade firefox addons, and feature request Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček

tab grenade never lost his database but it has less advanced feature like silently reject duplicate. i have feature request there should be button to remove duplicate. yes remove duplicate only when you try to open the link. the silently reject duplicate slow everytime you click onetab icon

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I have been a BIG fan of this add-on for a long time, even though I too have experienced the periodic loss of saved tabs (hint: use Mozilla Backup and then just restore settings).

As a result, the idea of a new, more stable version seemed intriguing enough until I actually tried updating. After the update, the OneTab page didn't show any of my saved tabs, but instead, displayed an error message which stated something to the effect that it was inaccessible (I don't remember the exact text of the message). So, I've switched back to the old version.

I'm also curious about mentions of "cloud storage". Is the new data file kept in the "cloud"? If so, that might explain why the OneTab page couldn't access the saved tab data. Also, I would be concerned about my browsing data being kept on someone else's server without notification. After updating to the new version, I couldn't find a new database file in the Firefox directory, so the cloud storage explanation seemed at least plausible.
Update: Following up on the developer's response, I tried updating the add-on again, and I found out where I went wrong the first time -- I had tried to use the same tab to access my saved tab data, which resulted in the data being inaccessible. When I opened a NEW OneTab tab, everything was there like it was supposed to be. So the update does work.

In answer to the developer's question, yes, it was MozBackup that I was talking about when I explained how to save and restore the old data for OneTab.

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Hi, we're very cautious about your privacy, and your tabs are not sent to the cloud in any way. We are working on cloud features, but when those features are ready, there will be explicit opt-in so that you only save to the cloud if you choose to.

Thanks for the backup tip - is the tool you are referring to called "MozBackup"? Please also could you let us know if you might have clicked yes to the "Firefox Refresh" dialog that Firefox sometimes shows, which will warn you that it works by removing add-ons and which people often click without thinking too much about because it looks like it might be Firefox version update rather than a tool that removes your add-ons.

Is most fantastic Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček

Is very good, but is required in web 2.0 time a cloud save. I have been problen bacause that , the save file was corrupted and I lost everything. One cloud save option is very usefull

Great, but glitched update Ohodnoceno 3 z 5 hvězdiček

I appreciate the change to the new storage, but it appears that in the change it "lost" my existing saved tabs. I have an existing .json backup, but don't see a way to import it without copying it out URL-by-URL.

I just lost my OneTab database... Ohodnoceno 3 z 5 hvězdiček

...during standard automatic Firefox upgrade to version 47.00. Are you sure that your claim that NOW OneTab for Firefox is OK has real foundation?

EDITED on June 13, 2016 - added response to Developer response as of June 10, 2016.

I agree that it sucks... I even may agree that there's no error in your code (while it's arguable: for well known, serious errors there are usually workarounds and responsible software provider doesn't keep users for more than a year without any help except a warning, as you did; software without such workaround for long time is normally considered bad, if not broken).

However the most unacceptable practice is to put a lot of marketing blah blah onto info page and completely omit warnings and description of the procedure of safe upgrade from broken version to the current one. It seems that my case and the just next one ( are caused by the same reason - apparently not completely safe method of upgrade.
The need for such description should be obvious, when one take into account tons of critical remarks in the past, however you prefer to respond selectively - just to be able each time to blame Firefox for the problem your users have?

And one thing, just to avoid misunderstanding: I don't say a word about the product itself - it is quite reasonable (so I gave it 3 stars).

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Ouch, that sucks. There was never a bug in our own code - this has always been purely a Firefox issue when it comes to remembering extension data (see the long standing bug that Firefox never fixed here: )
By having rewritten all our code to use IndexedDB, we completely eliminate that bug from affecting your data. We cannot of course guarantee that Firefox browser or their automatic update code will work flawlessly, which is why we recommend you use online backup or some other backup mechanism to ensure your Firefox profile directory can be restored if necessary.

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Good Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Appreciation for new stores and localized interface.

Thank you :)