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Nah, yeah, this add on is pretty choice, eh. Ka pai!

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This neveer highlighs anything, even when I know I'm wrng and the pell checker is on.

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Thanks for this, fantastic effort.

@Jeff, the right-click to have to reset the dictionary all the time seems to be common with every damn dictionary that's not US English. :-(

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Chur bro

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This add-on is compatible with FF 11 and 12, and I really like the idea. Unfortunately, I have to keep on right-clicking in text boxes and then selecting NZ English as my language. 4 Stars (sorry if the right-click thing is not to do with your add-on).

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Best way to get colour in my writing

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Finally, now I can write in kiwi language and not have it label my kiwi-isms as incorrect. Thanks. :)