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  • I have been using this addon for years and am having withdrawal symptoms now that it doesnt work on 57.0. Luv it. So very useful every day. Looking forward to the next update for the current version.


    Bill, VK4ZD

  • During this Solar Max period, the earth is awash in mass amounts of excess and at times extreme solar radiation. Massive Solar Flares during this Solar Max period are far more common. What I find really interesting is the N0HR Propfire app reads this in real time as it impacts the earths ionic atmosphere, THEN I wait for NASA,DHS,NOOA and Main Stream Media to report on that extreme radiation hitting the earth and all life living on earth. What I found is a very telling delay, sometimes amounting to 3,5 days AFTER the event has peaked or AFTER the event before the event is reported which should have read, 'Oh by the way, last weekend you were hit by extreme solar radiation without warning, have a nice day'. With this Propfire app, you'll see the Solar Flare erupt in real time on your desktop, laptop or mobile device and act accordingly yourself.

    ***** 5 Stars, Highly Recommended regardless if you are a HAM or Short Wave listener but want to protect yourself and loved ones against unnecessary extreme solar radiation exposures.

  • Very pleased to say that Propfire is working with FF 17.0.1 and is still just as useful.

  • Not working for FF 9.01

  • It seems to work fine under FF 8.0. You may have to manually inform FF that it works by going to the add-ons page, clicking the Compatibility button for Propfire and choosing the "This add-on still works" option.

  • This has been wonderful for years,
    but now having upgraded to Firefox 7 it will not work. Anyone know why ?

  • Works OK in FF 5.0 provided you install the Add-on Compatibility Reporter 0.8.5 add-on and switch it on with the aid of this.
    I have tested it both in Windows and Linux and used the report function to notify it's working fine.
    In my view the message "not for FF 5.0" can be removed but of course the author should agree...

  • Excelente addon para Firefox, simple y efectivo. Permite de un vistazo conocer las condiciones de propagación para las bandas de HF. Excelente trabajo. EA5FCW.

  • Super. I am waiting the new version for firefox V4.
    Super, j'attends la nouvelle version pour firefox V4

  • Most useful amateur radio tool here! Can't wait for an update for Firefox 4. Won't update the ham shack computer to FF4 until then!

  • Even N0HR can't solve the sunspot problem.

    I am very picky about what takes up space on my desktop. But I like Propfire 100%.

  • I had to reboot my machine for it to work, not just firefox, but it does work!
    Das ist toll!
    But still sad...
    When does the solar max start?

  • Great Tools for radio amateurs; only a short view to the taskbar and no longer searching the web. Thanks!

  • http://www.amazon.com/b?_encoding=UTF8&site-redirect=&node=165793011&tag=tabbooingcom-20&linkCode=ur2&camp=1789&creative=9325

  • Schönes Tool, alle Daten immer im Blick !

  • 5 Stars for Propfire! Experimenting with browsers other than IE, just went thru Opera and now trying FireFox. What a difference with these add ons. Just got FoxClocks and now added Propfire. These are the kind of add ons I have wanted for years with IE. Thank you Pat, N0HR and Mozilla!

  • Love this addon, except it's a constant reminder that we have no sunspots!

  • Neat features, simple intuitive interface, and a wonderful use of the add-on idea!

    But ... the latest version (0.73.16) does not work properly with PowerPC Macs and FireFox (at least) -- the contextual menu doesn't appear when you click on the status area, and the SSN does not show in the status area at all.

    I've downgraded to version 0.73.12 which works flawlessly (altho it is a bit slow to update when first launching the browser.... v 16 seems to fix that delay, but breaks everything else!)

  • Love it! Don't have to bring up a special program to see what's going on up there.

  • Not only does this add-on provide a summarized propagation status at a glance, but a mouse click will give you all the information you will ever need. It is updated in real time and the amount of real estate it takes up on your browser window is negligible.