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  • Esta extensión es prácticamente la más útil, y deja "bobas" a las extensiones de traductor, pero no mucho...
  • None of the keyboard shortcuts recommended for any system work with Ubuntu 17.04 on my current system, and there doesn't seem to be a way to start it otherwise. So, really no stars, as I can't even start it!
  • If you are used to its easiness, you are doomed to use ubiquity
  • I use this extension since mozilla had created it and I use really often.
    Thanks Matyr!
  • do not appear
  • Many commands in one addon (translating, localizing, restarting FF, closing tabs, etc. etc...)

    If you could add the voice commands, like personal assistant, it would be the best of the best. And even more customization of the commands.
  • It's an extremely useful add-on!
    It helps automating things very easily, for example if you want to have a custom search command just put the cursor on a textbox and issue create-search-command SomeName, and boom! You have a new custom search command!
    I LOVE it and I'm glad it's alive again!
  • great addon
  • I've been using Ubiquity since it came out and use it every day, I fight mozilla's update constantly so i can keep ubiquity in my list of enabled addons.

    Awesome job to the devs and I'm glad for the official resurrection and re addition to the official add-on list for firefox.

    Would give 100 stars if i could.
  • I'm glad to see that through years this excellent add-on survived. Best add-on on firefox. thx guys. (the translate command is awsome).
  • I think it is the best ever add-on for firefox.
    Unfortunately I cannot use it (firefox 41.0.2). The ctrl+space does nothing, the right-click menu is empty, the add-on option button freezes firefox.
    Starting with a brand new profile does the same. :-(
    Sorry, but I give 5 stars anyway. Waiting for the fix!
    Thank you guys for your great job!!!
  • We need this absolute perfect addon being a principal part of mozilla projects, It is even better than the browser itself.
    Thanks to Satyr to keep it alive.
  • What will happen with this extension when Firefox requires signed extensions? I love Ubiquity :(
  • bring it back. PERIOD !
  • For newer versions (courtesy of Tinsley):

    "...to those that wish to have it to work with any FireFox version download the tip.xpi file from here: https://bitbucket.org/satyr/ubiquity/downloads and open it with Firefox."

    You need this in your life ;)
  • When I first installed Ubiquity, I couldn't have been more excited about a program. I used the simple functions of the add-on effortlessly and I was excited to figure out what else I could do with it as future developments unfolded.

    Fast forward to today and I am saddened that it is no longer supported for Firefox. I do hope that there are plans to bring it back. I still find myself hitting Ctrl+Space from time to time, just out of habit.

    Please bring back Ubiquity!
  • I followed others' instructions on installing it for the latest version of Firefox, and it worked just fine. There are a few bugs, but overall it works great! I really wish there was official support for this add-on again.
  • To bad :( had it working in FF14. But now it wont work anymore.
  • I used this add on on previous versions of Firefox and loved it!! Awesome add on that makes browsing faster, easier, and more fun. I especially love Wiki / Defining terms I come across while online and I want more background. I do not have to open a new tab or anything. CTL + SpaceBar and there is my info! @Tinsley thanks for the instructions on how to get it on the newest version!! Amazing!
  • I have been using this add-on for years now and it is the main reason why I pick Firefox over other browsers out there. I cannot browse without this add-on. It makes browsing more accessible and easier. I recommend it to everyone.

    This may have been mentioned earlier, but to those that wish to have it to work with any FireFox version download the tip.xpi file from here: https://bitbucket.org/satyr/ubiquity/downloads and open it with Firefox. It will install it and it will work even if you update Firefox to newer versions.

    I hate to see that people rate this add-on to oblivion just because they can't find a way on their own to make it work with newer versions of Firefox. Support from developers is important but this particular problem is no reason to rate this add-on in such manner.
  • updated to Firefox 13...
    checked for ubiquity...
    found out "Not available for Firefox 13.0" ~_~'
    does someone know about the ubiquity's compatible version for FF13?
  • I came across a working version of Ubiquity for FF12 here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/mozilla-labs-ubiquity/versions/?page=1#version-0.6.2pre This site has links to the ubiquity xpi for various version of Firefox. For FF12 you'll want to try version-0.6.2pre. So far seem to work great!
  • Although is abandoned, for now. (I'm think in a moment If anyone do nothing I have to do something with this code) This is my favorite addon ever. Why? I'm developer and with this addon, I had shortcuts to do whatever I wanted. And I can do something with two shortcut and feel I'm fast and I feel like I'm in a rocket. Something like this :D
  • Ubuntu's proposed HUD concept has the base in Ubiquity. It is a great idea from Firefox but dont know what led it abandon such a great concept. However, I am glad to see it on Ubuntu in a new form that too for all the applications. No more hassles of menus.
  • It's a shame to see such good addon abandoned.