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This add-on can corrupt your profile.

Immediately after installation, it gave all kinds of warnings about "resetting preferences", and it didn't just reset its own preferences but touched many other ones too. When you uninstall it, it automatically shuts down and restarts Firefox.

All of these behaviors are unacceptable. Changing the standard preferences, resetting the content of toolbars etc. is not what an extension must do. It should only play with its own prefs unless it has clearly explained how and why it wants to change something.

As it is, I consider this add-on a (mild) sort of malware.

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Thank you, solved a problem on TorBrowser not remembering to openi in full screen.

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I have been looking for an add-on like this for 3-4 months that can perform the correct criteria for a Tablet Kiosk. I had almost given up until I found a link to this on the mKiosk page.

The browser always had to start in Full Screen Mode, so users couldn't break the full screen by hitting the restore button. - Bonus, this add-on removed the restore button as well as auto-starting.

All of the other full screen or kiosk add-ons were either too locked down, not locked down enough, or changed the standard formatting. I needed to be able to keep Tabs and hide all other tool bars, which this also accomplishes. There is only one other add-on out there that auto-starts in full screen, but it breaks full screen if the browser is already set to start in full screen, essentially it pressed F11 on start up. mFull will go to full screen on startup no matter what the status of the last session.

This is a simple add-on... thank you for not trying to force too many changes. The only suggestion I have is try to get the screen to go to full screen on startup a bit faster.

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (