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this add-on is indeed very cool but there is only one thing concerns me: I have to turn off the Identity Shield of my Webroot SecureAnywhere so that the "memory release failed" message won't show up and the browser won't crash (spent a whole night to figure it out). Can you fix this because I really like Memory fox but I also don't want to lower my computer security?

Developer's Reply


Maybe, you need to find another solution.

The problem is not Memory Fox. Your protection program if blocking the API action from "afom.exe"

Your Virus Protection application is probably trapping on DEPs and ASLRs which this version of Memory Fox was approved before stricter guide lines for updates was introduced.

Add to a White List from a Virus Protection Program the "afom.exe" for execution else Memory Fox will NOT WORK at all. If you don't know contact the company for your Virus Protection Program on how to allow an application processes to run with privilege API calls or System Calls.

Honestly, I would that users would take time to understand what they are using for their Virus and Firewall protection.