Afom.exe : Memory Release Failed Ohodnoceno 3 z 5 hvězdiček

I'm using win xp with Firefox 22. After installing Memory Fox, always appear notification about 'memory release failed' from afom.exe.Can someone tell me why and how to fix that ?

Developer's Reply


You've Installed Memory Fox 7.4 but NO action or activity can be seen from the Task Manager for the memory status of the browser. You may not even see the ( afom.exe) application which is the Memory Fox's application being viewed in the Task Manager or you receive an error message "Memory Release Failed".

Reason Of Failure: A Firewall or Virus protection program can Block or PREVENT the ( afom.exe ) from activation as well during executing the Windows API calls to reducing the Memory WorkingSet are blocked giving an error "Memory Release Failed".

Solution: Add ( afom.exe ) to the White List of either Virus or Firewall protection programs or both.

p.s. I currently use the Memory Fox 7.4 for Firefox 22.0 + with NO residual effects as some have noted. If you have problems, usually it's a user not setting the appropriate Options for the time periods for memory actions that causes Memory Fox to become overly aggressive.