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  • How is it supposed to be used? I have Firefox 52 ESR (not Quantum), which should be compatible, however I just see the plain text when opening .md files in (with) Firefox. What am I doing wrong?
  • This extension can open local files only if text/markdown overwritten to text/plain in ~/.mime.types otherwise it will try to download file :(
  • "Not compatible with Firefox Quantum" :-(
  • It was a fantastic add-on.
    What a pity that it doesn't work for firefox quantum.
    Any chance to update it?
  • Simply open a markdown file with an ".md" extension and it renders nice-looking formatted text. It even gets accents and other Unicode characters right. Unfortunately, because this is a legacy add-on, it disable's Firefox's multiprocess feature: if you go to "about:support" while this add-on is enabled, you'll see that the number of Multiprocess Windows is zero.
  • my README.md
  • Which is annoying now, and soon will make it actually useless.

    Otherwise, fantastic addon. Works really well. Great for previewing Github README.md files before commit.
  • The application works great, but having it enabled disables the Firefox multiprocessor feature. That is a huge deal breaker for me as the performance difference can be tremendous when having a ton of tabs opened.

    You can see check if Electrolysis is enabled from "about:support" table row "Multiprocess Windows : 1/1 (Enabled by default)".
  • Very nice to see this! I like the formatting and no-fuss design with no redundant taskbar buttons or settings, just that it simply parses Markdown files. The only obvious enhancement I can think of is support for extended Markdown syntaxes or even related markup like Textile or reStructuredText, but I can't really remove a star for it. After all, that's not Markdown anymore. Would make life even better though. :)
  • This is great. Now I can read markdown offline right from Firefox :)
  • I use this mainly to view github readme's. Github uses slightly nonstandard markdown, and while I don't expect url links to work properly, task lists would be a nice addition to this.
  • It works like a charm!
  • saves me time from running a python simpleserver
  • After install the plug-in, I drag a *.md file to the Firefox browser while the browser prompt a window to ask open the file with another application or "save as".
    Is anything wrong about my operation?
    Any help will be appreciate, Thanks!
  • Very good extension. However, one little remark:
    `Inline code` has a different font size than code block (lines between ```) , which doesn't look nice.
  • I'm using it to view just text in markdown, and it works great for that! It formatting is really pleasant looking as well. Clean, simple, and quick.
  • As a developer, I would like to be able to view a page that has the header "Content-type: text/markdown" (official MIME-type since March 2016) as a Markdown document. Unfortunately, that does not work.

    I have a separate Markdown reader (MacDown) for reading and making .md files. So too bad, not useful for me.
  • could not display local image in windows
  • This plugin works instant. I have no problems at all + local files work perfectly fine aswell.
  • works great. while need feature of catalogue display.
    @the former reviewer, opening local file works without problem at my side.
  • It is too bad it does not work with local files.
  • I just installed and it works like a charm!
  • Nice little add-on. Do exactly what's advertised.

    Great addition to Firefox/Iceweasel if you need to visualize Markdown files from ftp servers or http directories.

    Only one minor issue: the page title (as displayed in the application title bar) is made of the first characters of the file. With inelegant results when the Mardown file start with an "underline" style header -- in that case, you end up having a bunch of ========== in the title.
  • Simple, powerful.
  • Thanks for developing this add-on. This just works and the rendered output is clean!