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i use Listit as "read it later". i add links to list and check them later. but links pile and i miss to check. i wonder, is it possibel, if there is a link on the page that i saved to "Listit" its color changes or gets a mark?
i hope future updates include that kind of addition..

Shrink/expand note for a better overview? Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček

I was migrating from Opera 12 and this was the best note taking tool I have come across. Works almost like the native note taking tool in Opera but just more smooth an clean looking. The only complain that I have is that is very fast piling up being a messy.
Maybe an future update would have the ability to shrink and expand to the first line every note for a better overview?

Collapsing notes

Feel free to try our next release prototype at http://listit.csail.mit.edu/webapp/ ; it includes an option in the settings pane to collapse your notes to the first line.

A great fit for a specific need Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

If you're like me then you often find it useful to open several notepad documents while browsing the web to keep track of various bits of text and URLs. This program pretty much eliminates that need by building a smooth note-saving interface into your browser. I hadn't thought to look for something like this, but as soon as I started using it the great convenience became apparent.

My only complaint is that the UI integration has very few options. For example, a button appears in my URL bar allowing me to save any URL as a list.it note. I almost never use this feature, but there is no option to remove the button. Similarly, the add-on button for list.it is stuck on the add-ons bar and can't be relocated.

I Wish It Worked Properly Ohodnoceno 2 z 5 hvězdiček

Takes over the sidebar and I can't open my bookmarks.

Version 2 soon

We'll be releasing version 2 shortly; that should fix this problem.

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Thank you! Finally!

I have been looking for something like this all night. Something to take notes ACROSS web pages, not have a sticky on each one.

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Very useful to quickly type random thoughts.

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i don't like bicuse i cant uninstall like as SPAM

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Outsides: the best note-taking addon.
Insides: >2mb outsource-class code which even slows opening a new page. MIT? Really?

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Очень удобное и хорошее дополнение

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I have multiple uses for list_it and all of them have saved me time and $, because it synchronizes nicely, I don't have problems invoking it at any place. The fact that it keeps memory of even deleted items, has been a plus.

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Take an exemple like the Opera Notes, it's more pratical (create a folder,classify notes in a folder,search among the notes...)

And the interface of Opera notes is excellent.

Good light addon but no backup. Ohodnoceno 3 z 5 hvězdiček

I found this addon excellent until my computer fell on the floor and smashed, at which point i discovered there was no backup, despite having registered online using my email. There's supposed to be, i believe, just like there's an MIT contact page with an email address that doesn't work. So although it's very good because it's simple and doesn't drag your memory down, it's not very good if you want to keep the notes. I would suggest diigo or using something else with IFTTT eg to delicious if you need to keep it. I'm now installing it again in the hope my old notes mysteriously reappear:) but very good and light addon otherwise.

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No folders? No tags? How should I organize my notes or snippets?

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One of the best "quick note stashers" I've found, and contrary to what it says here, I have List-it installed for Firefox 12 and it works flawlessly. If you want an outstanding program to help you organize the web, snatch snippets for you, and return you to the gems you've found online, don't waste time with anything else here.

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needs categories

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Simple sidebar, hideable, 'cloud'-synched place to scribble down notes to yourself while browsing. Love it!

I've been using it for over a year now and it is so much nicer than having to open up notepad just to copy and paste bits of text or notes to myself while browsing. (I used QuickNotes long ago, but those are specific to a single browser/computer, whereas these are right to hand anywhere).

I can see wanting added features (tags or categories), but I'm not sure that wouldn't just burden it down, frankly.

[I do wish it wouldn't so often need me to open up options and click "login" (next to the already filled-in information) for it to start working for the day. But it's a minor nuisance, given how ridiculously handy this simple add-on is.]

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This is a real nice add on. Real easy and fast to use.

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Thank you for creating such a useful add-on. My days of copy and paste in note pad is a thing of the past.

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It is really great and good-looking!

by the way, feature request: possibility to set synchronization visibility. e.g. you can set "sync for this computer only" and "sync everywhere". It can be solved with the help of cookie. Implementation of this feature will divide all my notes to "work", "everywhere" and "home".
The other way to do this, is just add "note tag", i.e. set some tag for the note (optional) and possibility to filter notes by some tag.

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Listit is truly superb..and by Far the best note taking add on available! in my view anyway and I have tried many..Can Not Praise Highly enough! Superb 11/10;Nice people to deal with to.
Am sure they will be adding lots of additional functions in time?

best wishes to all at Listit