Excellent, a "must-have" time saver. Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Interclue is one of my top 5 indispensable Firefox extensions.
Whilst power-browsing, Interclue save TONS of time by allowing links to be previewed as you read down the page without having to open new tabs just to find out whether or not the links are worthwhile.
Being able to find out that a link just goes to a different spot on the same page without wasting the time opening it is another big time-saver.
Interclue's myriad of features go on and on similarly, and as you gain experience with them, finding information on the web gets faster and easier.
On the technical side, Interclue is very well-programmed; it has never conflicted with other FF extensions or caused any problem whatsoever and installs without a hitch. It is also well-maintained, supported and updated by the developers.
Kudos to the Iinterclue team!

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