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I'm having a hard time reviewing this. I mean- if you don't see any use for this addon, you probably just aren't the intended audience and there's nothing I can say to change that. If you are the intended audience, you probably know what you're doing and nothing I say will be of much use to you. Well, I'll just describe how I use it, and how it's better than other similar extensions.

-Other image viewers generally create their own environment and you are thus inherently restricted to the features the developer includes. Not this extension. This extension just views each image as firefox natively would, which means you are free to use any other extension to act upon that image. For example, I have a number of extensions that help me save images in specific, predefined folders with specific naming schemes. Image Forward serves up the images, I save the ones I like swiftly and move on.

-Other image viewers are restricted to specific image formats. Image Forward supports whatever firefox supports as a browser. apng, gif, webm, mp4, flv, txt, pdf....Add whatever you want in the settings! At the time of writing, this means Image Forward is the ONLY extension that will queue up webm files for viewing (if you were not aware, silent webm are replacing gif in many circles).

-If you want a slideshow, you can use another extension to programmatically send the documented js command for next image every x seconds.

The only things this addon does not do is cache future iterations and show me my progress in the queue. The caching is an important, and unfortunate, omission.

1) Default keybinding for exiting image sequence conflicts with the internal "Show All Bookmarks" keybinding.
2) This is probably YARIP's problem, but when both 'Yet Another Image Viewer' and 'Image Forward' are installed together, there are some problems with several of firefox's keybindings not working.

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Thanks for the review, I thought about caching before, but then I figured I don't actually need it that much. I think right now a basic implementation wouldn't even be hard to implement it, but with the changes to come (multi process aka e10s) this will probably be much harder. Showing progress is a totally different story. Regarding your other issues:
1: known issue, works fine under Linux because Ctrl-Shift-O is used for showing all bookmarks, couldn't find a good alternative or way to switch on operating system
2/3 this is new to me and works fine for me: Ctrl-Shift-B ends iteration and Ctrl-Shift-A opens the addon page(didn't actually know about this shortcut, thanks! :-)) Maybe you've got some other addon installed that messes around with keyboard shortcuts?

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1. I don't understand only one thing - why this addon needs 2 keyboard shortcuts and one isn't enough?
I found out, that it is important only first time - only to enter iteractive mode, and then I can use any of these two keyboard shortcuts and it will be OK.
Is it possible by some way that addon will detect embeded or linked images by itself? I.e. to use only one keyboard shortcut - entering the iteractive mode?
2. I didn't find how to exit iteractive mode, except by history.
My proposals are:
a) To have only one keyboard shortcut to enter iteractive mode.
b) After entering interactive mode to use only Space or click to go forward
c) To use the same keyboard shortcut to exit iteractive mode and return to original page
Thank you

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Starting with 2: `Ctrl Shift Esc` exits iteration mode. It's documented in the description, but maybe I wrote a bit too much text ;-)
Regarding the two shortcuts: technically, there is no problem at all to detect embedded or linked images. There is a caveat though: there are quite a few galleries with big preview images, so the page contains linked and embedded images that fit `extensions.imageforward.minHeight` and `extensions.imageforward.minWidth`. What should be done in this case? If both are shown, you see the same image in a small and a big version :-/ "Full Screen Image Viewer" does that I think and I didn't like that. There is also the question of ordering, embedded first, linked first or merged? If not showing both, which should be shown? Linked might be a good choice, but then there might be user who actually want to see the previews only. So I figured there is no one size fits all solution and two different shortcuts are the best. Making it a dialog asking what the user want is definitely not an option. If you are interested in discussing this further, you should create an issue on, replying here doesn't work so well...