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Excellent, maybe in future, could you consider to implement a function to change/load favicon from image or URL :)

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I know its been awhile, but the below reviews are overlooking the fact that the addon is supposed to be used for sites that DON'T HAVE a favicon to start with. Used correctly, there is nothing to "revert back to." This is not meant to replace favicons with shinys. Reading comprehension, do they still teach that?

Does not revert to original favicon Ohodnoceno 3 z 5 hvězdiček

The most pressing issue is that the addon does not reliably revert to the original favicon when you remove the site from the list.

When that is fixed, the next step is to allow the user to choose the favicon generated for each site (maybe have it randomly generate by default, and then let people edit on the site list page if they want to).

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I like it.

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To update my earlier review, this add-on doesn't like to clear its favicons once its created them, on XP with Firefox 31.

I tried everything and eventually had to use a backup profile to get everythng back to normal.

The icons generated by the add-on are nice, but if you ever want to change it back, be forewarned.

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Great - but can we have custom favicons? Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Great idea guys. But if you developers know how to do this then I presume that you must know how to let users specify their own local custom favicons? Please? There's no working addon that does this at the moment.

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Is there any way to add custom favicon, instead of random generation

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This is an excellent add-on. To my surprise, with minimal "tweaking" the add-on worked exactly as promised.
A sincere kudos is due and necessary to the developer.

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Like this a lot. Now my long lists of bookmarks, without favicons associated, now have them. Thanks.FYI - options allows you to override app settings e.g. for some reason, ighome.com which does generate its own favicon ok, is overridden by the app in default and given a new & different favicon. But you can enter the website details into options and tell the app not to, thus to never generate (NB full form needed - "ighome.com" fails, "www.ighome.com" works)
I'm Firefox 23.0.1 :)
Windows 7 was not my idea.

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This works a treat :-)

I have two sites in my bookmarks toolbar which let the side down by having no favicons, but your add-on has sorted both of them.

Great stuff, thank you very much.

conflicts with Menu Editor in FF 20.0 Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček

I recently upgraded to Firefox 20.0 and also decided to start with a clean slate by creating a new profile to replace the one I've been using since at least Firefox 3.x or so. I've used IdentFavIcon and Menu Editor for years with no issues -- even on my old profile which had developed more than its fair share of bugs, glitches, corruption, etc. over the years. However, after re-installing all my add-ons I began getting an error dialog on Firefox startup right as the main window appears:

____ "showContextMenuItem() threw exception TypeError: document.popupNode is null" ____

The dialog is modal and stops the main window's startup process dead in tracks -- i.e. tabs don't load and the interface won't respond at all until the dialog is closed. Now, considering that Menu Editor is an add-on that deals primarily with context menus and the error is regarding the function show*ContextMenu*Item(), it's been one of my prime suspects as the culprit from the beginning. But after much disabling/re-enabling/restarting/etc. of all my add-ons to weed out the culprit, I found that Menu Editor works fine with all my add-ons *except* IdentFavIcon. Now, to be fair, the code at fault here still may easily be in Menu Editor, but since it plays nice with the ~40 other add-ons I have installed -- including other menu modifying add-ons, e.g. Stay-Open Menu -- I still wonder if it's not something with IdentFavIcon and thought it was at least worth mentioning to the add-on's developer.

I went digging around in the code for both add-ons hoping to have a look at this"showContextMenuItem" function and see if it was something I could patch myself. I found that it is indeed a function declared by IdentFavIcon in .\content\identfavicon.js and, specifically, it's the variable declariation on line 354:

____ "var doc = document.popupNode.ownerDocument;" ____

After watching the properties for "document.popupNode" in ExecuteJS for awhile it appeared to be always null. Well, except when a context menu is active I'm guessing -- but that's hard to determine with ExecuteJS since as soon as you click its "Properites" button (or anywhere in Firefox for that matter) any active context menu immediately closes and assumingly returns "popupNode" to a null state.

So while it turns out that IdentFavicon is the add-on throwing the error, and it might be Menu Editor's fault, my guess is actually that the problem is that recent versions of Firefox handle "popupNode" differently now? Because, like I said in the beginning, I've never had problems with IdentFavIcon and Menu Editor before and this all started when I upgraded to Firefox 20.0.

Anyway, this add-on is otherwise very good. It may only perform a relatively minor visually tweak to the browser, but it's one of those simple aesthetic improvement that goes a long way and (I figured Mozilla would have made it standard in Firefox by now) and I/we hope I can find a way to continue using it. Thanks for your time and effort!

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I hate having an empty space instead of an icon on my tabs. This little add-on fixed the problem beautifully. I love it!

Doesn't work for me. Nothing seems to fix my favicons Ohodnoceno 1 z 5 hvězdiček

No favicons are generated or placed in my tabs even if I explicitly load the web page in the IdentFavIcon options page. Interestingly enough the same web pages I have problems with on my work computer have their own favicons on my home computer. No matter what I do I can't get them back on my work computer. I've re-built my places, but no effect. My FF must just have something against some of my favorite tabbed web sites. :-(

Needs to allow custom icons Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček

I like a many of the features of the add-on. Principally, it is nice that I can have it generate a favicon for a subdomain even if the site has one.

However, it really needs the ability to specify what icon to use for a site. This has been mentioned many times in the past and the author has said you can not use it on that site or use Favicon Picker 3.

You can't. Favicon Picker 3 is now called Bookmark Favicon changer. It does allow you to upload your own icons, but the icons are only saved in the bookmarks and are not used on the tabs (and you can only specify an icon for individual pages, not domains or subdomains).

You you can use BookMark Favicon changer to specify a favicon for your bookmarks and use whatever you want, or you can use IdentFavIcon and use a random Favicon that is generated from the domain name, but has no obvious connection to the website's identity.

It would be great if there were an add-on either like IdentFavIcon but it allowed you to select your own icon for a website, or like Bookmark Favicon Changer, but it allowed you to specify an icon for the tab menu and for the domain.

And that it got ported to SeaMonkey, but ...

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Fresh install of FF, no other addons, worked to fix broken IdenFavIcon. I only run a few other addons, primarily xmarks and lastpass and adblockplus. In the many years I've run those addons, they've always played nice with all other addons.

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If you figure out which other add-on is causing the problem, I could check if I can fix it easily.

Its name is IdentFavIcon, worldwide Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček

Several localized descriptions in IdenFavIcon's install.rdf lack the line <em:name>IdentFavIcon</em:name>, which has no impact in terms of usability but only in the scope of finding the add-on in a list where its name appears as <>

Thanks for the report, I was not aware that the name should be repeated in all locales, even if it remains the same. I will fix this in the next release.

Love the concept; but replaced a few other favicons Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček

I used a different, previous add-on with earlier FF versions to generate/select my own FavIcon for sites (can't remember name) which doesn't work with FF9.0.1, so tried this one.

Works well EXCEPT replaces a few of the favIcons I previously selected for the other sites. I like the colorful "neutral" favicons it uses, however, because the generic box was so unhelpful in organizing my bookmarks toolbar.

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Firefox API does not provide any means to tell where a favicon comes from. E.g., I cannot tell if it uses the generic icon or some other, which was manually set by another extension. You can, however, add the domain of these sites to the exception list in IdentFavIcon options, thus telling the add-on not to generate icons for them. HTH.

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One has to be smart to limit its concept to only what is necessary. A quality quite uncommon among developers. Great job David. Simple and to the point.
And the idea to build the favicon from an algorithm based on the web site name, that's imaginative engineering.

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I don't see how to tell this add-on to reload a DIFFERENT icon for a given site if you don't like the BRIGHT YELLOW one it already generated for a site.
Great concept though.
You should allow us to recreate icons for a given site until we like one.

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You can't. The shape and color of the icon is determined by an algorithm from the website's name, as explained in the add-on description. If you don't like the icon generated for a particular site, you can disable icon generation for that site in the preferences window of the add-on, and use another add-on (e.g. FavIcon Picker) to manually set a favicon for that site.

It's not a 64-bit issue Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

I got to my office PC with Waterfox x64 and IdentFavicon worked fine. Same add-ons. It must have been an old add-on left behind in the about:config junk of Waterfox.

Don't know why Google Chrome users put up with crappy favicon support. I suppose they have eagle eyes for text rather than the favicons (Chrome loses even the assigned site favicons - and people keep complaining to no effect).

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I'm glad we got that sorted out! :-)