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  • I stop upgrading to new firefox just because this do not work, please update it.

  • No longer works with firefox

  • Loved this addon but doesn't work with new fiefox.

    Try "Private bookmarks" Addon as an alternative... locally stores bookmarks. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/webext-private-bookmarks/ works with quantum firefox great alternative

  • worked great, but not compatible with Quantum

  • doesnt work with modern firefox

  • This is the second time this year I have lost a large number of bookmarks after a Firefox crash. I would like this app if I could get any technical support, or even an explanation, of this bug.

  • I really liked this add-on at first, but now I have found, like other reviewers, that it has a habit of forgetting my bookmarks. which it seems to do at random, without any updates to Firefox. yes I can back them up, and then import then again, but why does it keep forgetting them? Where the description says "saves your bookmarks" it should be honest and say "well, only for a while" unless you upgrade and pay for the Pro version. Which is only $9/year, quite reasonable actually. But then will it keep forgetting too? Kinda hard to trust something that works like this one does...

  • On a good day this is brilliant, but I have lost all of my bookmarks on several occasions with just a message saying, "were you expecting to find bookmarks here", so you must keep a backup somewhere

  • Yeah it stores your bookmarks hidden


    the password field in this Hush-Tab is a plain text form field. So if you have turned on autofill form field any user can see all your passwords only by clicking in that plain field.

    How private is that?

  • Hi, i just lost all of my bookmarks that Hush was storing, i don't know what triggered it, the new Firefox update or Hush update, or both, i don't know. Bookmarks were kind of important to me, is there any way to maybe restore them? The three letter password that i use is easy and i couldn't have forgot it, obviously, i enter the correct password and i get empty bookmarks now. Help?

  • Originally I had written a review that explained that I couldn't get it to work because the icon was not showing up and that was why I gave it only 2 stars. I decided to give it another chance and I got the same issue, but, I figured out when it happens. In order for Hush to show the icon, it reacts to the click event of the main menu of FireFox which is fine, but, that is not the only way to open a private FireFox window. You can also open a new private FireFox window by right-clicking on the FireFox task button on the taskbar and then selecting "New Private Window" from the context popup menu, but if you do it that way Hush does not realize you are opening a new private window and it will not show the icon. If you open several windows using the task button instead of the menu, none of the windows will have the icon, but as soon as you open one private window by using the menu, all private windows get the icon. So having said that, besides that bug, hush works great

  • I've lost my entire list of Hush bookmarks at least 3 or 4 times in the past several months.

    It seems to occur in conjunction with a Firefox crash but I can't be certain that's always the case. The end result is the same: I type my password and all my Hush bookmarks are no longer there.

    I give Hush an A for usefulness but a D- for reliability.

  • Pros : very spartan and easy to use.
    Cons: seems to lose bookmark list after crash or update?
    Solution: make sure to backup encrypted bookmark list frequently. In the add on when you have entered a password, it brings up a list of unencrypted links. On that page at top right is a password entry location. At the right of that is a gear wheel icon. Select the icon and you can export or import encrypted book mark data. This enables you to backup/save your book marks and reimport them if they get lost.

  • Confusing interface (Same form for saving and opening bookmarks?) and most importantly, bookmarks are not safe. This plugin has lost my bookmarks collection twice. No warnings, no explanations.

  • Like reviewer krigden, I also seem to have lost all bookmarks recently. I have also updated to Firefox 46.0.1.
    Is there a way to restore the bookmarks?

  • Awesome addon.

    But after updating Firefox to 46.0.1, Hush lost all bookmarks.

  • It now works with private tabs, awesome work!

    edit: Woops, found out that I probably opened a private window, although as soon as I opened it the lock icon appears on the main window which is an ok workaround.

  • Does what it says and is very simple and user friendly. recommended. The latest version works perfectly with Firefox 40 version.

    But you must activate private window via Firefox drop down to enable this addon and not via right click on the Firefox icon in the task bar.

    Excellent support and they are looking to resolve this very small glitch.

  • How Firefox can just stop addressing this extension program baffles me.. Everything is working fine and all my bookmarks are working great then the upgrade to a newer Firefox and WHAMO.. Hush is extinct with no explanation from Firefox at all...HEY THANKS FIREFOX!! You couldn't care less about people !!!

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    Hi, we've released a new version (1.0.0) that addresses the issue with Firefox 40+, plus has a slightly cleaner design :) let us know if it works for you!

  • it was ok until firefox 39, I'm afraid that module won't be updated anymore, the author website is down and its last activity was about 2 years ago, too bad, it was a really good module

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    Hi, we've released a new version (1.0.0) that addresses the issue with Firefox 40+, plus has a slightly cleaner design :) let us know if it works for you!

  • Firefox 40 and dosen't work...

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    Hi, we've released a new version (1.0.0) that addresses the issue with Firefox 40+, plus has a slightly cleaner design :) let us know if it works for you!

  • Does not work on Firefox 39 or later.

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    Hi, we've released a new version (1.0.0) that addresses the issue with Firefox 40+, plus has a slightly cleaner design :) let us know if it works for you!

  • fantastic product!!! surprised there aren't more like it. please consider adding source to github.

    please consider some way to auto remove dead-links (404's)

    please consider an option for a more compact view (too much white-space currently)

    please consider an option to remove the tab as default and instead have a tools-menu item.

  • It works great, but I wish it supported the Private Tabs extension

  • at first it worked pretty well, but now my private-bookmarks are gone. is there a way to restore them?