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  • Best http request tool ever.

  • One of best API rest testers I've ever used.
    But sad, that it is not working with newest firefox version (quantum)

  • wq

  • Ok

  • I like the POST request feature in this add ons very much.

    I am an employee. I have to fill forms with mostly same data values and that's why I use this app.
    But in this add ons, I am able to send only one request at a time and according to my work its quite hectic and time consuming.
    So, I request you to upgrade the features in a way so that I am able to send multiple or bulk requests at a time.
    I'll be very grateful to you.
    Thank You

  • Perfect. And the history feature is extremely handy.

  • very good http tools

  • very good

  • IMHO the best REST client for legacy Firefox (I mean versions previous to webextensions addons) Besides legacy Firefox, it works well in updated Palemoon and Basilisk.

  • need to use it

  • OK

  • hao

  • please update, thank you!

  • it's good ,please update,the newest firefox is not fit

  • hey guys,please update it to fit the newest Firefox. Thanks very much

  • hen hao

  • Please update!

  • 工作中比较依赖这个工具,还希望开发者能尽快更新,非常期待,也非常感谢你!

  • true very good used! but need update one down. Can you understand me said what? old out men.

  • 非常好用,火狐升级希望通知开发者,升级版本

  • 需要更新了,在新版本火狐上面用不了了

  • 很好

  • Need update for new Firefox!!!

  • love this extension, I have been using it for months, for quick REST API testing PLEASE upgrade to it to run on 57+ :)

  • Excellent tool. Hoping that it will get upgraded to work with firedox 57 and onwards.
    Just moved to 57.0 and HTTPRequestor will not run any more.

    Again, Phenomenal tool and very stable.